Everything You Do Is Magick…

Hail and Welcome, Party Pagans!

Mage Against the Machine header with images of rohanna irene. Details about the pagan podcast and youtube channel giving a feel for what the audience can expect. Podcast is available through spotify, apple, and more. New videos airing weekly on youtube.

Check Out Mage Against the Machine – the Podcast

YouTube Updates and Podcast News

Mage Against the Machine has been a fanciful, fun, and informative esoteric podcast journey. At the beginning of the year, who would have imagined this journey?

We’re Just Getting Started!

Mage Against the Machine is THRILLED to share our progress with you!

  • Completed Season 1 – 24+ Podcast Episodes
  • SLOW Launch on YouTube w/educational content & Astrology/Tarot reviews
  • Began recording time lines & historical data to promote our esoteric collective.

Social Media Links & Resources

We started on Facebook as a group page, and can still be found there! Be sure to check out both pages below.

  • Hydrophant Learning Library – Group
  • Mage Against the Machine – Social

Supporting the Pagan Community

This site is dedicated to the pagan community. We welcome all people. Mage Against the Machine is a collective resource for a variety of topics, including:

Pagan Education & Support

From Hellenic followers to modern Wiccans, and everything in between. Covers and formal training to learn witchcraft can be hard to come by. Our staff has been trained in a variety of ways.

The History of Magick

Unraveling the truth about and tracing its sources shouldn’t need to be done. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there. This leads to misunderstandings and a lack of direction.

Transparent Magick

There was a time when keeping magick secret made sense. This time has passed. In order to guarantee accessibility and authenticity, it is important to share knowledge and resources. Magick is the power of the people!

We are the humanity, my friends….

Help Humanity Today

Helping humanity seems a little silly, but it is imperative. As the world spreads out,, people lose their social connection. This can cause a disconnect spiritually and socially.

Preserve & Share Knowledge.

Mage Against the Machinelways excited to hear about personal magical traditions, rituals, and lore. While our host and team are mostly neo-pagans (for lack of a better word), we encourage sharing and learning.

This is done through expressing our own witchcraft and magick practices with transparency. Then, we always are open for the audience to provide feedback, ask questions, and to express their own opinions.

Listen, call in, and get involved!

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