Magick and Mindfulness

Dreams, Delirium, and the Extent of Mindful Responsibility

The Mind is All Even When Your Brain is Fried

Sick and magick with intention are a bad combination… Needless to say, the best laid plans … are not a whole lot of help when you’re laid up.

Fevers make the world hazy…

That is me right now. My mind is active and this body is rebelling.

Dancing Through Fever Dreams

There once was a time, when I was not worried about health. Coins or disks, personally, as present in the Tarot, meant more of wealth and being grounds, or maybe better put, stability. This is no longer true. At 40, I don't feel old. However. I do feel less like a witch or ruler of my own microcosm. I feel mortal. 

Mastering What Matters: The Mindfulness of Mental and Physical Illness

The mind and body are obviously inter connected. How about the brain though, it is hard to write today. Thinking about what needs to be done to get a hold of control of the mind, it’s a lot of work.

Do We Get Days Off From Dreaming?

As I lay around, trying to keep my fever and food down, a funny flash crosses my mind….

Is there going to be a test on this?

All students everywhere at some point…

The Realness of Mentalism

Photo by Mariana Montrazi on
I have a 102.00 fever and I still feel like I should be doing something...  

I ponder...

Now that I am in a cycle of intentional mindfulness, the whole idea of being responsible for thoughts and that which lies in the realms of mentality magick.    Well, it keeps me on my toes.

I’m Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today!

At the end of the day, there is athere is always another day tomorrow to try again. I don’t have much to leave us with other than this random thoughts. But I do leave a question, am I responsible for today all of the thoughts and all of the things that I haven’t done today? Does mentalism count every day?

Is Knowing Nothing a Thing?

Once we’ve become enlightened does that mean that we’re responsible for everything? After all, it comes with the side quest of understanding that we know nothing…

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