The Do’s and Don’ts of Magick


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In this episode, we are discussing the mentality of magick and explaining the modern practice of magick. The different faiths and thoughts about magick over the years have led the spiritual landscape to be what it is, filled with doubt, insecurity, and in some cases, fear. It wasn’t always the case though. For thousands of years, as we look back in the historical records, we can see where society lived in tandem with magick and witchcraft practices. In our last episode, we discussed how there were cuneiform scripts and other ancient languages written down by scribes, detailing the interwoven magick as it was accepted. People didn’t go around burning each other in witch trials. There haven’t been any cases where someone lost their children for being a witch that we can tell either. Bending the natural energies of the environment with conscious will and direction kind of just seemed to be a thing. 

In the modern era, there seem to be more rules, stipulations, and assumptions about magick. Namely that certain kinds of traditions are supposed to be a certain way. There are false histories. There are untrue stereotypes. It all adds up to convoluting a very simple practice. Sure, athames and wands can help to direct the energy and align with intent. But, they aren’t needed. Humans have what they need to practice magick, inherently within them. The ability isn’t evil. In fact, we would argue that it is a little different from prayer. 

We have gone through a variety of traditions and what we continue to see is a simple way to practice. We see the base requirements and then discuss them in this podcast. Furthermore, we describe what is needed to be determined magick and how technically plenty of people are practicing every day, sometimes without meaning. Finally, we try to pinpoint some of the best practices for practicing magick. 

Of course, we touch on what magick isn’t and what not to do as well. 

And look, it is all summed up in less than an hour. Progress! 

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Hail and Welcome! You’re listening to Mage Against the Machine, a Podcast, for lovers of the occult, magick, religion, philosophy…. where we aim to cast light into the darkness, confirm truths of the divine, whatever else comes to mind!

With that being said…

I am Your Hostess, Rohanna Irene.  Thank you all for joining me on this journey, to discover hidden truths amidst the long lineage of magick, mystery, and all things occult.

There has been much talk, over the years.

The Science AND Art of causing change to occur, within the conformity of one’s will.  – A. Crowley

I must make MAGICK the essential factor in the life of ALL. In presenting this book to the world, I must then explain and justify my position by formulating a definition of MAGICK and setting forth its main principles in such a way that ALL may understand instantly that their souls, their lives, in every relation with every other human being and every circumstance, depend upon MAGICK and the right comprehension and right application thereof.

Also A. Crowley

Mindset, Perspective, and Magick

Below is the “transcripts”. I tend to write this out before and it is a close script, though it is certainly not word for word, Please let me know if you have any corrections or suggestions to add.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

We are back in action and rolling things out for season two, and one of the things I’ve been trying to talk about on this podcast is the actual act of magick. We sort of began to describe magick in our blog, there is an article entitled “What is Magick?” This gave a brief introduction, simply to solidify the perspective of what we, well me… Rohanna… and when writings and whatnot pertain to magick whether on the Mage Against the Machine podcast, blog, or website.


The Camps of People: On Faith and Belief in Religion, Magick and Spiritual Concepts

 A lot of what I’ve found recently, is that there seems to be this almost like… a 2 camp mentality when it comes to believing in the concept of magick or witchcraft.  There is no denying, since human history, we have some record of people having a belief in the supernatural world… that is, until recently. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure there have always been skeptics. However,  it definitely seems like religion and spirituality have had a hold on humanity for the bulk of the time.

It used to be thought that society forced the hand of people and this is where religion came from. However,  there is modern findings… or, well, findings in the last 30 or so years, namely with the digging at Gobekli Tepe that gives a different sort of picture.

Belief is Dictated by Many Factors and Results in Differing Perspectives

Depending on what you are taught to believe and what faith system, values, and even cultural guidelines a person is raised with, this is going to influence on how they see the world. For some people, it will ultimately restrict them from being able to see beyond what they are taught.

Ultimately, it makes sense that if we go back in history, to a time when there was a near totalitarian belief in something beyond human powers… let’s take the Gods. And one generation believed in the Gods as a whole. Then, the next generation would and so on and so on. It would take time or a catastrophic act, most likely, to change the direction of thought. This fits with what we are seeing thus far in the archaeological record and what seems to mesh with psychology.

Variances of Perspective Make it Harder to Learn and Restrict Growth

Perspectives obviously change from generation to generation, but in the past it seemed that this was not the case in such a stark perspective. There was the odd man generation that would make a leap. This was usually in conjunction though, with an environmental change, when facing trauma that effected massive amounts of people at large, or an advancement in understanding of the world. 

Identifying the Root of Changes is Difficult

It is so hard to understand what is understood because of culture, where our information and knowledge comes from, and why is it that we are the way we are. It is like, as a species we understand that we are individuals, but we can’t comprehend that we are also the same. We are both intelligent and intuitive, while being close-minded and lacking perspective of the past and future.

The Challenges for Humanity to Retain Growth

Our brain works to propel us forward, but many of the traits that the brain has… such as how it receives and processes information, these same actions inherently cause us to become close minded or to deny information. Sifting through history, there is a trend of repeating patterns. Humans advance, stagnate and then devolve. It also seems that for the better part of history, humanity doesn’t remember what it has already been presented with.

It makes for a hard road towards enlightenment. Sometimes I am amazed that we evolved to where we are at all.

Then again, other times, I think we have likely been here before… but I digress.

The First Camp of Thinkers: The Non-Believers

For starters,  on one end,  well technically… I guess it’s three…  Because on one hand, you have those that don’t believe at all. They think that anything concerning that which can’t be proven to them, it isn’t a thing. At best, they think that people are misguided and at best, they look at those of us that have faith in something more as ridiculous.

Of course, this is at the far end of the spectrum, the types that believe that there is death, darkness, and nothing at the end. They usually scoff at people of other religions as much as they do the concepts of magick or spirituality. Whether  they think religion as a whole is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, or they are the more faithful types, but their religious view doesn’t allow for certain kinds of actions … such as spells, sorcery, dream reading, astrology or these kinds of things… these are the doubters to the magickal world.

The Second Camp: The Believers

Then when you look at the other  camp of people that do believe, they come in a wide range as well. These people believe in something, beyond humanity. For them, it may be prayer, it may be superstition, it may be the beliefs of their own religion and finally it may be a person who is responsible for their power and follow some sort of pagan philosophy, practicing magick, witchcraft and the like. Even in this camp, there is its own divide with one side generally tending to believe in an energy of something beyond humanity. Then, there are the people that believe that they can harness this power. This is where most of us that believe in the occult, magick, and the like lie.

Third Camp: The Deniers

Finally, then there is that third camp and… uh… they may believe or not believe in magick as a power. More specifically these people tend to believe in that there is something, it may be magick, it may be witchcraft, it may be demons. They deny the power of humanity and seem to refer to anything that which is supernatural as having to do with deities or a power beyond the average person.


Alteration of Assumptions: Ancient Civilizations, to Antiquity, to the Modern Era

The presumption of power that was attainable by man has long been discussed and placed out into society to dwell on. That which the people in a society believe is only possible so long as a bulk of the people in a society can believe it. I have a hard time discerning when this kind of thought was taken over by the elite, the rich, and those in power. Was it always this way or is this a new invention? It seems that over the course of history, man realized that he could gaslight the shit out of his fellow man. He could send him into psychosis or into a fit or worry, followed by rage and remorse. This isn’t a certain man, but a certain kind of man. This kind of man would prey son others emotions and eventually they became considered a hazard for anyone to not wear a mask.

The same way that the boy in my son’s school forces me to feel insecure at their house, with babies and family members that I don’t know, I am nervous around people’s kids. This is especially true ofr kids that I don’t know. At the same time, IN have that maternal nurture gene, to some degree. I want to help. However, I don’t think that I can help everyone. I can scream from the rooftops that magick is real and for people to mind their actions. But, ultimately, I don’t think anyone is listening.


Man Has Long Been a Skeptic of the Ultimate Powers of Magick and Witchcraft

They have their own faiths and then they still have this in their mindset that magic and witchcraft is some sort of evil pact, or people being misguided by some dark force, maybe even tricked. In some cases, they simply deny that man has the power of greatness.

As was seen in Ancient Greece, with belief in the Gods. The Gods had their own powers their own will and they directed fate for humanity. They dictated many of the trials that man went through and their power was beyond that of a mortal. People that showed extraordinary gifts or strengths were said to be direct lineage of the Gods, known as demi-gods or half-gods. It was only now and then did a truly epic person get credit for their own actions.

Greatness Was Considered a Gift For the Gods, or Of the Gods

Many of the ancient faiths put the power of greatness, beyond humanity. They also though, understood that humanity still had a power of their own.  I know that in my years of practicing magick and witchcraft I have been asked by some of the most confusing people. People with degrees and who seem to know how the empirical world works. Then they ask about worshipping the devil.

Modern Deniers of Magick

Modern people in Western civilizations tend to give credence to the power those gifted by the Gods. While it isn’t unheard of to hear of people referring to something as a miracle, it is far more likely to hear them relating magick or certain unexplainable testaments of man as a bad thing. In fact,  we can see through history that there has been a trend to have a balanced belief, where the supernatural could be good or bad…. With people agreeing that witchcraft or magick was real… than not.

Focusing on Evil is a New Kind of Concept

The thought of relating magick to evil seems to be kind of archaic. To be perfectly honest that crowd really kind of confuses me, because like we’ve come a really long way since having the thoughts about demons controlling people or the devil being the cause of bad thoughts and actions. Then I think about it again. I mean, last week we talked about the shift in witch hunts being not till around 1200 AD… and largely influenced by the Catholic church. I guess technically, it hasn’t been that long that people have thought like this…. Not in the scheme of things.

Magick is For Everyone and You are All Witches

The reason I went through all of the previous was to present the quandary that I am facign right now in my own mind. I mean, if Crowley gives us the definition that he does, but people are also going around and practicing magick and they are not knowing it, simply as a by product of being a human being, and also a conscious entity, then how can that be?

Is Magick Evil?

I can’t tell anyone whether or not magick is inherently evil. I certainly cannot tell someone to willingly go against their own personal beliefs. However, I personally find it hard to label magick as one thing or the other, about as much as I find it possible to deny that magick exists. The only thing that I can think of is that people are still stuck largely on the misconceptions of magick. Maybe tying the actions of witches to some preconceived stereotype that they have? Maybe it is a matter that we aren’t on the same page of what magick is or what it entails? I might be overthinking this, but, that is probably a good thing… since I am doing a podcast on this kind of thing.

With that in mind, it’s a good time to get everyone on the same page. Then, I definitely want to talk about whether you like it or not… you are practicing magick… for better or worse, every day. More than that, I want to discuss what you may be doing right, what you could be doing wrong, and what you could be doing differently.

Magick: Defined

The Science AND Art of causing change to occur, within the conformity of one’s will.  – A. Crowley

I keep using this definition because it seems pretty succinct and doesn’t allow for a lot of gray fantastical areas regarding magick. It doesn’t fall into line with witches riding broom sticks or green faces, it doesn’t make it sound like anyone is in league with satan. Rather, it is a straight forward definition.

And with this definition, it also lends to the reality of what magick is. It also tells us what it isn’t.

Much like the quote  by Eckhart Tolle “All problems are illusions of the mind.” Crowley leaves us with the understanding that magick is simply a conformity to what is desired in the mind. Other quotes that he has left us with on magick tells us that part of the secret sauce for practicing is intent. However, really, this is just truly wanting something and the desire with the will or drive to attain it in the mind. Before anything is gotten, it is all in the mind. If there is a plan of action, a way to get this thing, thenit might not be much of a problem. However, in the case where there isn’t a plan of action or a knowledge on how to attain something it can be more trying.

Powering Reality with Our Mind

What many people forget is that by aligning the mind with will, then things can come into being. Sometimes this is simply focusing thought and action and getting it the old fashioned way. However, more and more, as we study psychology, we are seeing that there is also something to alignment and future thought. There is something to controlling the mind and making it behave, so to speak.

If magick is all in the mind and it is that which is conforming to will, then technically isn’t everyone doing that magick thing like all the time? Every day, with every thought, with every desire backed by will… they are all similar things at different stages. Essentially as long as we are conscious then we are making things happen. As long as we are making things happen through thought and will, then we are practicing magick.

Creation with Consciousness

The one hold up with the concept of doing magick all the time is that there are times then when we are doing this without thought consciously. IT always seems to me that this can be troublesome. Because what about things that we think about that we don’t want all the way? What about those things that we think we want and we are super emotional about it when we think we want it. We crave it. This is like when a person is going through a bout of self-loathing depression…. Which is more common than one might think… or is that just for me? Nah… I think that is probably just about everyone, or at least a good portion of people.

While people aren’t likely capable of controlling all their thoughts all the time, there is a few things that can be done to take control back and monitor the mind for those magick making ways.

The first step is to activate deep desires intentionally in a conscious setting. This allows for a place with intent for them to be worked on. Meditation is good for the mind to clear it and to help stop the flood gates, it is also good for bringing things to the forefront.

Your Speech is Your Responsibility

Altering speech can be a difficult task, especially if you are used to just saying whatever comes to mind. Even more so if you have a bad habit of saying negative things to yourself. However, I promise you if you work on this area of your mind’s process and this one area alone, you are going to see results.

So, take a moment and consider how you talk to yourself. Listen to the words that you tell yourself and what you say to yourself.

Negative self-talk effects us in a number of ways. The first is the most obvious that it brings us down. Telling yourself that you’re shit, that you’re not enough, that you’re better off dead, or whatever you tell yourself is no way to treat a you. I know,  it isn’t easy and for some it is harder than others. However, I also know, since I have been there that talking down to yourself and breaking yourself down is one of the meanest things that you can do to yourself. There is no way to defend yourself or to have someone come back up to your defense. It is just you, and you, being mean to you. That is a surefire way to destroy the self and make it super weak sauce.

For this reason it is paramount to get your thoughts under control.

Beyond that you need to get your words in check as well.

Taking Responsibility for Your Craft

We don’t have the answers yet, but the mind seems to be a tuner of sorts, it sets our will and intent outward and vibrates outward attracting back what we are wanting. When we centralize our thoughts and take care with what words they turn into, more specifically, how we are using our words, then we are on the right path.

The pen is mightier than the sword, or so they say. I can’t argue that at all. Words, as formulated ideas and concepts, can do far more damage than a man-made weapon. Does this mean that you can cast a fireball at your enemy and literally light their house on fire? No, probably not. It does mean that you can get where you need to go, get the life you want, and have your desires fulfilled. First you have to reconcile your own self and then you have to take action.

Magick vs. Magical Thinking

I have seen people get the two terms “magical thinking” and magick (or even “magickal thinking” confused. To clarify here we are talking about making things happen in our lives, we are talking about, in an ideal world, the transmutation of the self. This is the heart of the great work. It is work. It requires effort. It is worth it.

But how does it work?

We all only can guess, but I think that there are concepts out in the world that have it right, they just have a part of the puzzle.

Magical thinking is the furthest from what we are all trying to do. Whether we call ourselves a witch, practice black magick, or lean towards the light and only want to better ourselves and our surroundings. Each of these examples are people that want to do something.

Magick Requires Action to Work

Magical thinking is essentially not doing anything. It is not what we want to be a part of. It is not what we are inherently a part of in our natural setting. Rather, it is the outcome of wishing or wanting, but not acting and not intending. IT is the act of hoping for something, but putting enough oomph behind it to manifest. There is no way to take magical thinking to the next level or to transmutation the good vibrations of say, manifesting, in order to turn into more directed rewards.

Action Powers the Direction of Magick

While one can commit acts of magick simply by letting their mind wander, by breaking down themselves or the world around them with negative self talk or doubt, or even by dreaming about something and then thinking intently. I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of anecdotal evidence. Granted, I am not going to win an anecdotal evidence, it still works for keeping my belief structure and faith strong.

That being said, intently thinking, aligning vibrations and willing something into happening requires action. Magical thinking does not. This is the best example of why some people, I think, are successful and some are not. It shows what happens when only thought, passing thoughts or thoughts without purpose are put out in the world. It is akin to hoping to win the lottery but never purchasing a ticket. It is a directionless dream without any bite, and no way to snap into reality.

Make That Magick Work For You

Inherently you are the one that control you, and you need to control you to be able to attain anything through magickal gains. There are rules to being able to attain the results you want. Unfortunately, some people can’t see  this in the end. There are those people that will always be focused elsewhere, that will deny or ignore their inherent connection to this supernatural process. Maybe one day, when science explains it and people can understand more of it then it will be able to be utilized more. I personally wish that I could help more people to tap into this source. It isn’t an easy task, retraining the brain. However, I can say that it is helpful for aligning the world in some fashion towards a better version of what it is.

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