About Us

Mage Against the Machine – 2021

Introducing Mage Against the Machine

Mage Against the Machine is an endeavor beyond just a podcast or social media. It is an esoteric concept. Perhaps, social experiment would be a better term?

The initial goal was to have a place for like minds to communicate, practice magick, learn witchcraft, and ultimately…. to support each other. In time… things grew.

The Foundation of Mage Against the Machine

We believe that magick is a link through the divine. While our core members tend to rely on  philosophy to define the divine, magick, and even religion… for now everyone seems to be same-minded about this.

Our Purpose

Knowledge is Power!

Sir Francis Bacon (probably)

Our Purpose, is Power. Our goal is to support individuals with faith in magick, as a means to strengthen our community and society.

We strive to provide resourced information, community support, and in doing so, to create a safe place for magicians, makes, witches, and anyone else that may benefit.

In Defense of Truth, Love, and Light

Truth and love, along with light or beauty, have long been pinned as the cultivation or curating of the divine.

While our core members generally do not share the same specific tradition or magical practice, very often can we get everyone to agree that there is there is a blanket divine that touches all of our lives.

Goal: Divinity in Pure Form

Through study, dedication, and the pursuit of enlightened aspects, we believe that divinity can be found, witnessed, and even utilized. Magick is not a method to manipulate this energy. Instead, it is a way to harness it and work with it, as was intended.

A Quick Look at Our Core and Considerations

Because there are many moving facets of our social experiment, a single day never looks quite the same. We value the variety variety of individuals, with their own spiritual beliefs and practices, that already take the time to share their knowledge.

In doing so, we all learn. It is through this process that ourselves (as individuals, and as a group) continue to learn about each others… and about ourselves.

Mentor & Service Pages: Coming Soon

Building a site, spreading sunshines through bleak humanity, and still charging on.. well, it takes time. We will continue to grow, even if it is slower at times!

We will update the blog and social media for the next update!