SImple header and title page for the Mage Against the Machine Podcast. There are some doodle images and in the center it says, "Magick on Your Own Terms". It also tells us Mage Against the Machine: the Podcast and tells us that it is season 2 episode 5. Hashtag M A T M

What Is Required to Practice Magick On Our Own Terms

Practice Magick on Your Own Terms

While we have maintained things at the blog here, somewhat… it seems like a bit of everything has been down since we have been sick. We have done a new podcast though and we are taking the time to get things together though. We are ready to share our latest episode of Mage Against the Machine!

Summary of Our Most Recent Episode!

While we are working on this though, we did get the Youtube pag like go to our website

In This Segment of Our Witchy Podcast:

The place of society on magick. This is a tough subject because, on one hand, magicians of all varieties all want to have their own path (to some extent) while covering topics such as independent witchcraft, the power of one vs the power of none, and the future of our transparent practices here on Mage Against the Machine. 

How far can any of us get doing only solitary witchcraft? 

That depends on you, and what you want out of your practice… now doesn’t it?  Whether you are wanting to learn how to be a witch, need help with how to cast spells, or are a seasoned magick user and know where your path is right now, we are all on our own paths. Mage Against the Machine is always interested in carpooling for this purpose!

Magick When You’re Sick

We have been dealing with some covid illnesses and other sicknesses in the fam here at the Mage Against the Machine, and so there are some gaps in between posting. We are coming back from a 2-month unexpected break to take a crack at the reality of a transparent practice and to call out to those that want to make a difference. This time of year is tough, with the weather changing and with a limited amount of people working on the podcast. Plus, as some people know, I lost one of my dads, as I was beginning this podcast. I think that this has really caught up with me, especially as we sent him off on his watery journey over the summer. He was in the Navy, and well, with (again) Covid, it was hard to make arrangements. 

Not all of this is said in the episode, but as I think about the overall description of what this Mage Against the Machine episode was about, I think this contributed a lot to the actual mindset of everything over the last few months.

Making the Most of Things

I do ask that everyone bear with me, as I find a groove again and wanted to reach out and let everyone know I was doing better. I have a plan moving forward, but the best-laid plans… well, we know how those go! So, in this episode, the focus is getting back on transparent practices, and really asking everyone to think about their own perspectives. 

During this episode we provide some neat witchy facts and take a stab at science, truth, and relativity. Really, it is a bit of everything all rolled up into one quick(ish episode);

Magick and the Moon… And More

Also! News! YAY! 

We have been working on the website a little – so it is kind of “a work in progress” at the moment. You can still see the general podcast pages, but a lot of the other details are lacking at the moment. It should be updated this month, and we will let you know when it is. 

While we are working on this though, we did get the Youtube page up and have a new post there. 

Our next episode will have more updates on events including astrology for the month and upcoming classes and the like.  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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