Gotta Start Somewhere!


Not very many people wake up one day and say they want to just practice magick, or decide that they have some Esoteric calling to understand their power and purpose in life. On one hand, there is a power within us all. On the other, there is time and dedication required to make that power move.  Wielding the world’s power… especially through one little meatsack is hard! There is a reason that high and ceremonial magicians designed rituals as they did. Secret societies exist(ed) to serve a purpose. The rituals and practices are designed to work. They are focused on fine tuning the most powerful magical tool on the planet. YOU. Years of study proves that we, humans in general, have improved capabilities when working in numbers. It is common knowledge that human power and ingenuity, multiplied, can accomplish more through communal dialogue and that sometimes, proper pronunciation is essential. We are all on this journey together,  here’s how we can make the most if it. 

Get ready for a semi-social experiment, designed to build up. Learn the true history, purpose and power or hermetic practices, mysticism and knowledge. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, or simplify working methods. Take some time to try them, and apply them to technology in the digital age. Bring the focus back, while peeling away misconceptions and biases. Challenge the mechanical status quo and incorporate the system, to get the quickest, most efficient and reliable results…. without skimping on the meat of the purpose. Occult studies have had the rules changed, but no one is keeping score. No one is paying attention. Legitimate Magick, esoteric knowledge… like bona-fide secret society, super important shit… is just sitting out on the internet. So… you feeling lucky? Ready to challenge the biases of the social machine? Better yet, why not harness that baby and see what technomancy is about? It is time, well past it, to have a modern occultist, hermetically, witchy circle type space.. Fighting the good fight should be out there, not amongst ourselves. Buckle up magi, and let’s see what a few of us can do with #information, #aplan and #ritual.

#occult #hermetic #pagan #wicca #community #alchemy #goldendawn #magick. It’s a lot, yes…. but we all gotta start somewhere!

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