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Ep. 01 The Origins of Hermeticism


As a magician in the modern era, there’s a sense of being a pioneer in the esoteric world. It is not always popular to seek out information and try to apply it in an esoteric manner, which definitely allows for hermeticism to remain in the shadows and considered occult studies or philosophy. This creates a limitation in the scope of potential information, and in turn has cultivated a specific mindset among modern, Western practitioners of both high and Earth Magic. In this segment, we explore the basis of hermeticism, in relation to the past. Consider that all that is known about modern magical practices is majorly influenced from Western philosophy, and the Sciences of the Greek and Roman era. Through understanding the history of our practice, perhaps we can adapt to the quickly transitioning future. #Magick is a complicated topic that requires unearthing certain truths. There is no easy discovery here, so this is the first in a few future #history recordings. Please consider visiting our pages on social media to continue the conversation, once you listen! Twitter: @MageAgainst FB:Mageatm //

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