A Reading of The Correspondences of the Four Elements

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Conjuration of the Elements: A Reading by Rohanna Irene

We have been studying the correspondences of the elements with our Pathworking 101 class. Naturally, Eliphas Levi came up on the related information gathering. He is obviously important in understanding modern esoteric and magical practices.

As we progress with our discussion of the correspondences of the elements, we will definitely be seeing more of Levi’s works. For now, The Conjuration of the Elements is a nice addition. First of all, it includes excellent imagery that is helpful for those developing a concept of the elements. Additionally, this should help in visualizing elements too! Secondly, thus reading is a first for us here at Mage. Hopefully, it becomes a tradition moving forward. I very much enjoyed sharing this text in this way.

Initially, I would have uploaded this reading to our podcast. However, it appears to be too long and it is difficult to split the reading. So, for now, I have it on SoundCloud. In this, we still have it posted.

Classic Elements Correspondences and Eliphas Levi

There is much to peruse when considering the whole of Levi’s work. He is a contributor that is definitely as vital to the history, philosophy, and practices of modern occult studies as anyone. Definitely, add him to the magical list started in our blog earlier!

For now, without further ado, we present our first reading!

Stay Tuned!

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