Aquarius Full Moon Image with Transits and Moon Phase Details. This image is designed to inspire and is as much words, making up the details surrounding the August full blue moon in Aquarius. This month, the moon will be finally going back into the full status on the 29th degree. This already is fortuitous. However, the moon will also be exhalted by Jupiter. This brings energy of transition and change, so long as it is being accepted and you are going with it, rather than fighting, then you should be on a good path. The new directions that you will be led on are very likely to be adventurous. Jupiter, in this exalting position, brings that normal flair for luck and expansion, allowing for the impossible to happen. This is good news for the moon in Aquarius and at the 29th degree. This moon is basically designed to being about fortuitous goals. It would be wise to use the lunar energies this month to rally the troops. Notice who has your back and who has been in your corner. If it is a person, such as a love interest, it is very likely that aorund the new moon in August, that some intentions will be spoken. It could be body language or something more verbal. But, as soon as Saturn comes out of the oppositional phase the hard ,"no" that often comes with Saturn opposed, opens up possibilities. There may only be hints, but pay attention. Fort he other aspects of the moon, when the full moon hits in August 2021, there will be a bit more sexy vibes going on Saturn, at this point will be in Aquarius and trine with Venus in Libra trine. Aquarians often find themselves through other people, attracting people towards then, but then backing off because they fear that other energies may stifle the self. This is sometimes good, such as when focus is needed. For love, it can be restrictive. Thankfully, in the position coming forth, Saturn is hanging out and giving our last bits of Aquarius some pointers on how to be cautious, while still setting clear boundaries. Trine with Venus, especially in Libra shows that love is fair and true. If it was there before this time, then this is a great time to act. If you are single during the moon, it is likely a good night (or 2 - as there is a window to the full moon) to get some serious action. Venus is out and strutting herself, knowing that she is in the right view to be watched. Saturn and Jupiter are lending their energies favorably, and this all tallies up to a winning night. The fireworks of the evening very like, for those new hookups are likely to be hot and heavy ... just don't count on longevity there. It isn't guaranteed. Then again, when is anything? The other images on this card represent the energies present. There is a picture of Jupiter looking on at the moon, the water pouring forth from Aquarius and then plenty of suns on a relatively light colored sky. The words are written in a traditional, formal, kind of font in the colors of blue and purple. Some of them that are easily seen that haven't been mentioned include the following phrases: Good Fortune. Paradox Resolution. Ceres & North Node Gemini Finality Ending -/ Resolution Confirmation of Intent and Sexy Time Meow. That last one was for Venus. The words are in a curved shape, going out and around the moon as they are orbiting.
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8/2021 Moon Magick / Lunar Cycle Forecast

Moon magick is going to be strong this Leo season!

Welcome to the August Moon Cycle Forecast!

Sturgeon Moon Magick Details for Manifesting and Vibrational Tuning

We are already in the middle of the cycle, true that. However, a gentle reminder of the moon cycle isn’t a bad thing! So, whether you are looking to solidify your own witchy works with some moon magick, or simply want to know what to expect this month, we have the details that you’ll need to prepare yourself. So, hang tight with us and we will begin the journey of learning how to harness the power of the moon.

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Mage Against the Machine Podcast – Season 2 Episode 3

This image shows a close up of the hostess, Rohanna Irene looking away from the camera. It is an image that has been manipulated and warped, intentionally. The color scheme is of peach, yellows and whites, with her dark hair providing contrast. IT says "Wake up!" by her mouth and has contact details like the websites and as well as the name MAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE all in capital letters.
This is Mage Against the Machine… the podcast for lovers of the occult…

Find full recordings and other episodes on moon magick and more, here on our main blog and podcast page. You can also listen direct on Anchor, iTunes, or anywhere else that podcasts are commonly listened to!

Show Notes Begin Here:

With that being said and put out there… let’s get into the show for tonight! Technically, this was recorded a few nights ago… so just a heads up. There is still a lot of the month left though and I figured that this should be posted to the blog to have it easily accessible for the future. Plus, there is plenty left of this month to use the powerful energies at play for some moon magick!

Topic: 8/8 New Moon & 8/22 Full Moon Forecast (Sturgeon Moon Total Cycle)

The moon cycle can help anyone that wants to learn to do magick or simply to improve their practice. This is because the energy of the moon is one of the influential on our world, namely due to its location to the earth. 

Focus and Function: Moon Cycle and Moon Magick Forecast

Sturgeon Moon at a Glance Card // Card is basically all text. Still has the dark blue background and then moo and starts behind that. It is not just for the full moon or for moon magick at a certain time. Rather, it is reflecting a "Forecast at-a-glance for the whole moon cycle" and this is stated on the top of the card. Above that it says Mage Against the Machine in light blue, periwinkle lettering. This is just indicating the name of the podcast. There is also contact information on the bottom. It says and then // This is the last of the contact information on the card. The rest of the card is words - kind of stuffed with words. However, they say the following: There are a few transitions making things slightly difficult at the beginning of the month. However, things will lighten up by the full moon on Aug. 22. The energies are decisive and powerful during Leo season. This is no time to sit on your laurels. The only way out is through. Focus on your will and direct it towards something positive and desirable, truly. Allow it to grow and set in motion your own special moon magick that will bless you in the future. Focus on the desired outcome and set it into motion. This is certainly true for those that used the last full moon powers to strt the intent or even the new moon of Aug 8."

The whole of the month might have a few ups and downs, but what adventure doesn’t have bumps now and then? If you’re along for the ride, then you are doing it right.

This podcast is designed to focus on the transits and celestial energies present during the monthly moon phases. Additionally, Rohanna Irene talks about her own practice and magick that she has been doing. The podcast includes details about transparent magickal practices and notable changes she has seen this last moon cycle. She feels strongly that full moon rituals for new witches is sometimes difficult. Plenty of new students have used the energy wrong and while, it isn’t likely to harm or kill anyone… it can be a waste of time and energy for the person working spells or magick during the new moon or full moon.

This is only one person’s view though. If there is anyone out there practicing or doing something specific that they would like to talk about, they are encouraged to reach out and chat with us…

This can be done recorded, so that it ends up on the podcast. However, feel free to reach out and ask not to be recorded. We can do things kind of like an interview instead. This way you can still share, but not be right on the spot.

Coming Soon: Monthly Moon Cycle Forecasts

This is the first in a series of monthly recordings, giving pertinent details about lunar energies. With the information in this podcast, you should be able to apply your knowledge and perhaps utilize the monthly lunar cycle more effectively. There are a lot of other podcasts and websites out there with astrological details about the moon and transits, as well as those that discuss moon magick and lunar energies. We are in no means trying to replace those.

On the contrary! The whole point is to share our craft and keep an open dialogue. This way, we, as magick practitioners and witches, we can all compare rituals and practices. So, hey! If you know of another person with a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast that has this kind of information each month, we would love to check them out too! Just leave a comment here on the blog or give us a shout out on any of the Mage Against the Machine social media pages. Thanks!

Speaking of shouting out…

Calling All Pagans and Witches!

**Note: For future episodes, we would love to be able to talk to others about their practices. If you have been wanting to call in and talk about your beliefs, tradition, or practices… but didn’t know what you wanted to talk about specifically, this would be a great spot to join in! Just sayin’ 🙂 

Details For the August 2021 Moon Cycle

This month we are witnessing the Sturgeon moon and have a few notable transitions. Things should be lightening up overall, as we finally push through our opposition with Mars and some of the tougher placements that have been keeping many of us stuck in our rut. 

A very busy looking detail card that has information about the transits and phases of the moon for the Sturgeon Moon - 8/2021. It has a blue background that looks like the table cloth for an old lady's house. It is blue and has moons, stars, wheat stalks and flowers. Then, there are sections on top that look like maybe table cloths, with words. All in all, it is an ugly image and Rohanna apologizes! LOL But the information is still good! It is information that is also gone over in the Mage Against the Machine Podcast. The top has the moon cycle image with a new moon i the middle and fanning out each way as it waxes and wanes to the full moon. It says August 2021 - Sturgeon Moon Phases & Transitions. Dates of importance for the celestial influences this month! Moon Phase Dates is below and to the left. Ther are 4 circles, representing the 2 quarter moons and the full and new moon. New Moon appears to be in Leo and is August 8. August 1 was the first (or last quarter of last month) and it is in Scorpio. The full moon, labeled as a blue moon, is on August 22. The 2nd Quarter of the moon is on Aug 15 and in Taurus. The box to the right of this has more information and it is all in symbols. It shows the symbols for the transitions, reflective of what is said during the podcast. The symbols included are the planetary transitions essential for moon magick. These include the M looking symbol for Scorpio with venus in it. The Libra symbol with venus in it and then mercury as it transitions later in the month. There is also a note of retrograde uranus and the sun in virgo. There appears to be dates but they are too hard to read.

Listed here are the important dates of the moon phases for August, 2021. Additionally, the planetary transitions are listed. The symbols coincide with what was quoted in the podcast.

I realize that the above image is pretty packed. I will rework it next month. I don’t know…. sometimes the creative process is easy and sometimes it is.. fail. I wasn’t even going to post it up, but I figured the symbols and the information are there. Because of this though, I don’t know if I will have time on YouTube to put the information up there. I was thinking about doing a recording this week and put it on there. We will see what I have time for while I am getting the business site up and going through!

Important August 2021 Sturgeon Moon Cycle Dates Include:

Blue moons are definitely rare, and this year is no exception. The full mooon that rises and comes full on August 22, 2021. This news has been well-received in the astrolgoy community You may have heard people talking about this important aspect, as well as the Lion's gate. Both of these details are really important to being able to read simple quick like forecast for the rest of the month. Alternatively, there are some great learning lessons where the information learned can be applied. For this image, it is mainly talking about the overall Sturgeon Blue Moon Report for Aug 2021. It first lists the full moon details as " 29th Degree / Cusp of Leo Jupiter Conjunct the Moon Venus Trine Saturn and Mars Trine Uranus. Then, it refers to the "29th Degree Importance". This is referring to the first detail about the moon correspondences listed above on the image. 29th Degree / Cusp of Leo, this refers to where the moon will be in the sky when she enters into full. She will be going in at the 29th degree, which is the degree that is hit right before there is a transition into a new house. This represents a transitive time in people's life and change / fluctuation energy. The image has more words on it that say, " This full moon will be hitting on the 29th degree which is a poweful time for transition energy. This means also that just after the full moon, the sun will be transitioning into Virgo. That is just one reason this moon will be great for finalizing goals and self mastery!"
The Full Moon & 2021’s ONLY Blue Moon!

This month has more than just transits. As you can see above, the 29th is important. It is a great indicator for astrology charts and if you pay attention to the months where the moon hits on this degree, you are likely to learn a lot about the energy first hand.

August 2021 Moon Phases

  • 1st Quarter Moon – Aug 1
  • New Moon – Aug 8
  • 2nd QTR – Aug 15
  • Full Moon – 22
  • Last QTR – Aug 30 (1st for next cycle)

Planetary Transits for August 2021

  • Venus in Scorpio on Aug 7 
  • Venus in Libra on Aug 16 
  • Uranus goes Retrograde on Aug 19 
  • Sun in Virgo Aug 22
  • Mercury in LIbra Aug 30

Putting More Visuals on YouTube

(note: correction – due to issues with images this week, we may have something else going up on Youtube instead!)

For those that would prefer to see the visuals with the dates and if that would help with your understanding of the topic at hand, we will be posting this up to our YouTube page and our website. Additionally, transcripts will be available on those channels as well.  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Mage Against the Machine Podcast Notes / Transcription:

Season 2 Episode 3

Each week, when we post new recordings, I try to add the transcriptions. I am certainly getting better about making more thorough notes that reflect the words that are said exactly in the show. However, this isn’t always the case. Instead, for the sake of transparency, I have instead put the notes as I have them. They are not designed to be compared directly, but they can be used for notes for clarity.

If anyone ever has any questions about the dialogue or what is said, please let me know!

Sturgeon Moon Magick Overview Begins Now:

*Please note, I am trying to split the recording dialogue up. However, since it is just me – Rohanna, talking on this podcast it makes it kind of difficult. I will try to put time stamps up in the future. Thanks to all!

Introduction to the Podcast

This image shows an artistic rendition of the hostess of the mage against the machine podcast. Across the box it says Rohanna Irene, and then occult studies, wicca, tarot, ethics & philosophy. Behind this is a brightly colored picture that has been digitally altered. It is vibrant with hot pink, blonde, teal, black, white, blue and such colors. The way it is colored, Rohanna looks like she has green and black hair and the tips may be blonde. She has a cute smile and shining eyes with a tinge of blue to them.
Hostess of the Mage Against the Machine Podcast: Rohanna Irene

Hail and Welcome! You’re listening to Mage Against the Machine, a Podcast, for lovers of the occult, magick, religion, philosophy…. where we aim to cast light into the darkness, confirm truths of the divine, whatever else comes to mind!

With that being said… tonight we are talking about… the moon cycle forecast. We will be going into details about the correspondences as well. Basically, the general things that you may want to think about as we go into the new cycle. This episode should be informative and show you how to practice magick… or at least give you some ideas on the focus and direction you could be having to capitalize on the energies this month.

I am Your Hostess, Rohanna Irene.  Thank you all for joining me on this journey, to discover hidden truths amidst the long lineage of magick, mystery, and all things occult.

Discussing Observations of the Sturgeon Moon Cycle So Far

Hello all, great to be here and talking about the moon cycle for this month of August 2021… for a number of reasons. As many of know know… we have been getting things ready for a while here. Been working on the website, classes, etc. Of course, I have things going on with our company stuff too, and it is more beginnings.

Notice the many directions that I am going in. Somedays I wish I were trying to fit in a little bit more… it was sometimes easier in doing tasks when I was more orderly and focused. However, at the end of the day, doing this podcast, and well, the non-traditional directions my life takes me is the downside of living within a magically active and authentic life.

This is where it gets a little weird… because there are plenty of pagans and magick practitioners, and the like out there that all live perfectly normal 9-5 lives. They pay their taxes without having to be talked to by a judge about it. There are plenty of them that just love all that comes with structured and traditional – 401K maybe, a new car, a vacation now and then? Something good has to come with it, I know it did for me when I was living it. It… just hasn’t always been for me.

I am working on authenticity at the moment. And this kind of comes to play n it. Thinking about the why of doing this podcast I guess, this month… there is a method to my speech here, I swear! The whole of this month, the moon cycle we are about to talk about, I am putting this out here as an example of what we are going to talk about next.

My point that I am trying to make is that, I am coming to realize, when one is forced to have to be more responsible for themselves.. . Like in my case, I am having to be FAR more independent that I am used to. We take for granted, what is taken care of for us. When things are easy, but a person is used to being taken care of in a certain way, they don’t necessarily realize that there is a struggle behind what is being provided.

I liken it to when a person goes out and say, they want to get a new clothing item… a new pair of shoes. Men and women both wear shoes, so this should make some semblance of sense to all… well they go out and look for shoes, no matter the kind. Say, they find a pair of shoes that are name brand, a good brand, and they have all of the features that you were looking for.

Now, you find this shoe, which usually should be about 110.00 typically maybe with a money spell up your sleeve or perhaps Jupiter, the god of luck, expansion… among other things, he is looking down at you and he likes what he sees… without these kinds of non-traditional happenings, you find the shoe and instead of 110.00 it is only 40.00.

You don’t know why, but that purchase, which you are going to make because YOU are saving so much… do you stop during the course here anyway and think about how much money the company is not going to make? Do you stop to think about how much the initial price of the shoe would be and at the same instantly wonder about who is taking the cut, who is going to be losing out with your purchase? 

Most, if not, most certainly nearly all would, that would be my bet on it! Most who would truly go down this crooked and punishing sort of thinking would be doing so from some neurotic tick. It wouldn’t be intentional because eventually this kind of thinking leads nowhere good. Namely, keep going and you’ll be questioning everything. I know some people do it, because I mean, I learned to teach myself to do this from reading too much philosophy.

In my internship, so not until I was in my 20s, out of high school and in college, did I meet someone that thought down rabbit holes and couldn’t avoid it. It was like it was the only way their brain worked. They were having a bout of psychosis, I learned. If you are familiar with that… then you know what I mean when it is like the person will keep going and thinking and almost neurotically fixating. It reminds me of like intrusive thoughts, but intrusive inquisition. The intrusive thought to the process was but then what next or and then, how does that affect? It would go on like that. So, I guess it is like an intrusive thought… like how PTSD people get in their heads and they relive a moment over and over.

Cognition and Self-Consciousness

So, basically, I am saying that I guess I sound like I have PTSD… which I have dealt with, so it wouldn’t be wrong. I am more saying that I can understand how that thought process goes. I can definitely turn my brain off and focus on something else. I can hunker down into what I call, “customer service mode” and just do something more simplistic. However, I also found that I can only do that so long. Eventually I push myself to a point where I kinda get like that girl that I say in college. I get to a point where I can’t turn my brain off, and then well… this is a transparent process, so I feel bad for being so long winded, but I think I am almost to my realization….

Establishing a Transparent Magickal Practice

So, here is my own realizations that have come around this far, this month. It has been quite enlightening and inspiring. Though, generally life is when one is not fighting the natural flow of things. Moon cycle awareness always seems to be a mood lifter as well. It is kind of amazing what happens when we, as human beings, fall back in line and accept our lots in life. Consciousness sure makes things difficult sometimes, doesn’t it?

  1. I prefer to think in multiple directions, even though I know that it makes it difficult to fit in or to like, do a normal job and have what maybe some more mainstream people would consider normal. I would rather be like this, live authentically and feel my connection with the world I live in… than have the chance be as high as it is in the alternative without the choice to turn it off. Because if I need to straighten up right now in a moment’s notice, to think or to act for myself or my family, I can.
  2. I feel out of sorts, empty, apathetic, and miserable to the point that I because almost lethargic and non-responsive to the world around me, when I don’t follow the steps and rituals that I have made through the years. That being said, I have come to the realization that these rituals, they aren’t required by all. They also aren’t the same for everyone. Plenty of people make rituals, like little deals with themselves and these deals keep them alive and sane. Other people, so many people, have made other little rules.. Which I see kind of coming eventually through into society. Social norms are just personal deals that people make, but so many people make them that they become accepted and normal. Like… working 40 hours a week for slave labor wages. No. The effort put forth is not worth the reward to me. It isn’t that I don’t want to pay my way or take care of me though. I am fine with working, I just realize I don’t want to give up that much. I, with my skills and education… I know I can do less work, or if I do have to work long hours, it is on something that I want to be doing or that I believe in. It is always a matter of how much I am worth.
  3. When you have a lot of things to take care of, you don’t always realize that you had to take care of those things, because they were always managed. But, when you no longer have that help, the older one is, the steeper the learning curve, but it is painful none the less.
  4. This month has been the closest thing to living through having a bandaid put on then ripped off, over and over again, than any month has in a long while.’
  5. That last statement, that is how I am finally done with the story and on to the topic.

I wrote out what to say a number of times this week, and finally decided I had to share the epiphones, partly for the transparency portion of the practice that I plan to do here – so when I say I did this or I did that for a certain ritual later – here are the foundational thoughts and the representation of theories etc.

It isn’t always comfortable because it feels bare and raw, saying some of the thoughts to strangers. But hey… you’re welcome! (laugh)

I am, kind of joking. Largely, I think it needs to be states or accounted for, because I think that intent is so important for magick. I wonder if that is the same for other people. Do people who pray believe so much in the power of God and Jesus or Allah or someone, that they believe that what they want can be got through the divine will of another being entirely? It is still pretty foreign. My brain can’t wrap around it.

It is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about moon magick. It is also the reason that I wanted to start this segment tonight. I am going to work on, in one way, shape or form… not sure on the format permanently, maybe it will change each month?

However, I am planning on working on opening the moon and other astrological discussions open. I have a lot of feelings about astrology and the zodiac and the magickal potential when incorporating planetary energy. Of course when I say planetary energy I also am counting the sun and moon as planets, as they are generally in astrology.

The Effect of Lunar Energies

The moon, specifically… maybe it is the Californian in me, the reliance on the sea and the tides for feeling of calm serenity? There has always been something about the tide and a love of the moon. I know I am not alone in that. I saw a meme recently, talking about the full moon. It was a picture of Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire… I hope that reference isn’t too out of date, oh no…

Anyway, if you don’t know who I mean, then you won’t get the reference… but those who do, it was Will looking out of the Rolls when he pulls up to the house, and his head is sticking out the window looking up. I think that is what he is seeing, or maybe it is when he comes from Philadelphia?

But he pulls up and the meme says, “Me when I see the full moon.” It was something like that. I do think that it is when Will runs up in the Rolls and the music says about looking at the mansion – I was finally there, to sit on the throne as, The Prince of Bel Air. He has this dumb Will Smith goofy like kid grin on his face looking up and instead of the house it is like him at the full moon. He looks derpy as heck, and I get it. So… I know that I am not alone.

But, because of whatever reason, I have always found that I truly resonate with the full moon. I used to think that it was because my moon and my sun are in the same sign and the same house of Sagittarius on my chart. I have 5…. 6? Placements in Sagittarius.  But I always thought of the sun and the moon as significant, as I have begun practicing. Still when you take into account how long I have been practicing magick overall, including the time actively participating like from learning to do witchcraft to now… that is over 20 years.

Full Moon Similarities to Same Sign for Sun and Moon Astrology

It kind of occurred to me, I think when I was first reading Guide to Being a Solitary Practitioner. The one by Scott Cunningham. So, this was around 1993 maybe? So longer than 20 years definitely of thinking because the moon was full, this meant the sun was shining on it fully, I don’t know about it… I just had this image because the moon and my sun were hanging out together, something about that making the full moon?

Who knows why kids think what they do. I don’t know if I believe my theory as to why I am so affected by the full moon or even so focused on the moon cycle. I do personally feel that one of the biggest things that you can do to improve practicing magick in any way is by being first being responsible for your expectations. Of course, this is why I do this podcast and blog in the first place!

Rohanna’s Thoughts on Moon Magick, Spells and Ritual

Anyone that wants to see more about my thoughts on this can check out this blog here Really, most of season one kind of goes over much of that topic.

Newsflash…. I am not much of a person to hold my tongue when I have strong opinion.

Beyond having a dialogue about magick and expectations, the easiest thing and most simple practice that can / should be done, I think is the rituals and practices following the lunar energies month to month. In my experience, by adhering to a following of the moon, it naturally works out some of the difficulties people have with practicing while being fully immersed in the modern technological era.

You create your own rituals for it, I don’t think that it is vital that it has to be one certain way. There are benefits to following the path of others, for sure. However, I think that in the end, we all find the way that works for us. It doesn’t have to be the best even, if that isn’t your goal. But the incorporation of the moon cycle, the following of the flow of the moon, and working with the potential powers at whatever time of the month is super important to improving efficiency.

Following a Natural Cycle to Learning Powerful Forms of Magick

A person reaches out towards the moon, which appears to be just a sliver in the blue and fading sky. It is hard to see the gender of the person, but whoever they are reaches gracefully up and all that can be is a silhouette of the outstretched arms up towards the moon. It is as though they are trying to pull it down or extract lunar energies. The sun is setting and the base of the mountains in front of the person are beginning to be covered with clouds that are already dark. They are being swallowed by a fiery red that breaks into a burnt orange. From there, the last bits of sunlight reach back towards the sky and the horizon fades down to a yellow, almost white. It has a hazy look that won't last long, for night is soon going to push it down. The moon is already bright, with a few stars around it up in the night sky. It is like the sun and moon are meeting each other before they go their own path for the rest of the evening.
Photo by luizclas on

I have thought about it, focusing on the moon cycle it is a smart task indeed. Perhaps it is merely the scheduling, being aware of the natural cycle or something like this? People today are so disconnected. I know that for example, it requires work for me to make myself adhere to the cycle. It is hard to adhere to this cycle with a demanding life that has requirements in other areas.

So, yes, I do give a chunk of my time focusing on moon cycles or magick, when I could be doing a different job or volunteering my time or even doing something with my family. While magick and spiritual endeavors are something that my family is welcome to do with me, I most certainly will do my best to do things in these areas because I know I am less without.

The reason I think the moon becomes so vital is because it keeps you focused on working at least to a level that is productive and healthy. It is an easy way to focus on a magickal life without requiring too much. For me, I ADD it to my practice. However, I would say to a person with little time for magickal endeavors, but one that still has faith and also wants to be able to be magickally effective… the one thing to do as a practice would be to follow the moon.

With this in mind, I want to get into the moon for this month, the month of August 2021.

Normally, I won’t have such a long introduction. Or, at least as I do it often enough I am hoping that it takes less time or is more organized!

Sturgeon Moon Opportunities 2021

This month though, we have seen a lot of pressure for change, a lot of opportunities for hidden secrets in our lives to be revealed, as well as some challenges, just given the natural cycle and where things are.

So, now, as we go into the full and moon stages, as well as discussing the topics about the moon for this month, keep in mind everything I said here as it is likely going to help clarify what I mean when I talk about the phases of the moon, intent, confirmation, challenges and all of that. Feel free to apply them to your own life as well.

With that, let’s get into the total general details of the moon. I am going to start off with the moon details, this being the Sturgeon moon.

Then we will talk about the cycles specifically, beginning with the new moon. Each segment will have details about what is happening around those times. I want to talk about any anomalies or special dates too. I will break it all up as best I can for sure.

Break in the Show – Sponsor then Returning. hosts the Mage Against the Machine Podcast and we are super happy with the service so far. The picture reflects the podcast environment and is an open computer with a microphone, on and ready to record the next podcast.
Mage Against the Machine podcast – Hosted on the Anchor Platform! Photo by Magda Ehlers on

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New Moon and Full Moon Segments – No Transcript

The information covered in the new moon and the full moon segment is listed above with the infographics and images inserted with this episode. I am hoping this helps when I have things missing. It does happen, because sometimes I simply begin going and doing the podcast because I am inspired. In these times, I don’t always get the transcripts done. It becomes a point of whether I want to share the episode or do the transcripts. Since it has been largely just me lately, I can only do so much. I think it is more important to to post what I do have… especially since it isn’t like data or information is missing. Rather, it is the script of what is actually said in a podcast that is already recorded.

With this in mind, we can always go back and listen to the podcast. Additionally, as we begin to get things up on YouTube, there will be automatic transcription done there to capture at least part of it.

Returning With Closing Segment for the Podcast

Okay, we are actually to the closing of this episode. I had recorded the full moon and the new moon, and then the introduction. As, this is the first time I am doing this, the moon cycle forecast, I wasn’t sure.  I will, I think I am going to plan to do them earlier in the month… However, right now, I am also working on my limits and boundaries. Setting something, like setting a magick goal is kind of difficult to accomplish when you know the likelihood of failure.  I mean, we know how important it is now.

The Importance of Setting Goals for Magick

We know how important it is to be focused on intent and serious about actually reaching goals. Learning to practice magick, as a ritual and an art form, it is a learning lesson. At the end of the day, going into a practice is easy enough, but being successful that requires care and concerted effort. The mindset is key, but then you need to also be aware of said mindset, right?

So, while I desire to do things one way, I am going to set a more reasonable goal and that is to at least do it by the first couple of days in the month… as I am doing here. This way we are talking about moon magick, and we are hitting on the flow of the month. It is before the moon cycle officially begins in almost all cases. Lastly it is something I can do.

However, by doing it, I also know I am being transparent in my practice, while practicing what I preach. This is all helping in being accountable. It is a learning thing all together.

But we have gone over the important parts. The Sturgeon moon, it looks to be a super cycle…. And while it will, or at least has the potential to be powerful, with the fire and the direction behind it… it isn’t say the most stable or grounding. I mean, it isn’t perfectly balanced… that being said, sometimes we need more effort from one area versus another. Balanced and calm and peaceful can be… imperfect… at least for man. Or maybe, man is inherently unable to process it perfectly because man is the imperfect one?

In either case, the pushes we get, the extras we get… they are likely to be fortuitous and I would say the potential for expansion, luck, inspiration, and thus… through the thick of it… satisfaction and success are high. That is worth it

So with that, blessed be to you all. Have a lovely day, evening, whatever. I am grateful for the opportunity to say the things I did in this podcast and this was a fulfilling episode on my part. Thank you for listening and for being present. Until next time!

This week, we will be posting – not sure if a blog or a podcast, but check out the website if you haven’t already. Also we are on social media and the website is up. Those places both will keep you up to date with the new topics.

Closing With Social Media References for the site and @AgainstMage, all one word, on Twitter. @Mageatm on Facebook and Instagram. YouTube and TikTok I am there as well – You can find me as RohannaIrene – Rohanna Irene’s channel. Hey, since we’re putting it all out there – want some more art? Check that out too! RumDancer or RumDancer studios. More pagan topics on there, on the social media pages and Deviant Art. There ya go. All the ways! We are going to be talking this week about meteor shower magick at the very least.