Support & Services

Mage Against the Machine is proud to offer assistance where we can, to both individuals, as well as the pagan community at large. Magick is often a common topic on the blog. However, historically, mages provided more support to their community beyond simply divining, connecting with the gods, or rituals and sermons. Our main mentoring team consists of 2-3 people, with a number of volunteers kicking in some hours here and there as they have time.

Mentorships and Spiritual Guidance

Navigating any religion or spiritual practice can be difficult on your own. There is a reason that other faiths have ordained ministers and/or chaplains, as well as hierarchy of structure. Unfortunately, this is not a thing, yet, in the pagan population. Instead of centralized control or oversight, paganism often gets this in a number of ways. More often than not though, people are in charge of themselves and it is up to each individual sub-sect of the community to make the rules, provide what the community needs in regards to support, and to act in a pro-social behavior that benefits individuals and covens alike.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the services of others…

Mahatma Gandhi

Developing a Support System for Our Community

It is our intention to host classes, webinars, and other motivational or instructional tools on the site. However, we started with highlighting our mentoring and reading skills first, because these are the tools that will allow us to serve our community. As we develop our own brand of community on the site, and as well we figure out how to streamline the aspects of Mage Against the Machine, we will encourage everyone the jump in more completely. Until then, thank you for your patience!

How Can We Help You?

Below, we have detailed some of the aspects of service and support that we have been getting put back together. We will continue to add and develop this page over the summer, but for now we have added a glimpse of what will likely be there once we get things totally together.

In the mean time… feel free to scroll down and take a look at the offerings that are coming together on the page.

Need One-on-One Assistance?

Mentors are available to help with advancements through classes and coursework. If you are ever enrolled in a class, you can always request a mentor. Currently there are no classes being formally offered. We will resume scheduling for all coursework and study groups in late August

Astrology Profiles

Astrology can be used in a number of ways, to provide insight or give a suggestion. We wouldn’t recommend anyone to rely on astrology or horoscopes alone. However, we do use charts often in certain readings. If you feel that us, having your chart, would be best for you, then let us know and we can include it with your profile.

Request a Reading

Rohanna Irene provides in-depth readings regarding a variety of life’s paths. She can utilize scrying techniques, tarot cards, palmistry, astrology, or numerology with your reading. Furthermore, she has been professionally reading for over 20 years now. She can surely help you find the answers you seek or get a bit of direction on any topic that serves you best. Select the button below to find out more about tarot, our practices, and the fine print.

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