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What Happened to Not Allowing Technology to Influence Magick?

A few weeks ago, there was a shout on our Facebook about a little astrology app called Co-Star. There wasn’t much response. So, with that, it seemed like a solid time to finally get around to doing a review! This seemed like a helpful and simple solution.

Of course, this ponderance quickly cascaded towards another tangent…

When Did the Rules for Technology in Circle Change?

A common question for new witches and other practitioners is regarding what they need to get started. The answer to this varies from person to person, as well as from tradition to tradition. Furthermore, the question of need is usually easily the dealbreaker to the question in any case.

Generally, no additional materials are required for one to practice magick. Tools are a different topic entirely, and one that will eventually be discussed. For now, to keep it simple, rarely are tools beyond what one can do with their body or their mind, needed to successfully practice magick or to learn how to be a witch.


Simply put… Unless one is planning on taking the route of a hardcore technomancer, technology isn’t going to have much of a purpose or a place in modern magick spellcraft or ritual.

Magick and Technology Don’t Mix

Looking back through history, or at least the last 40 years or so, fictitious witches often had troubles with mechanical aspects of the empirical world.

Often, many practices will actually advise practitioners to avoid anything electronic while they are doing rituals. Back in the day… (say circa 1996) this was an easy enough aspect to avoid. For example, the movie, “The Craft”, was representative of popularized Wicca back in the day.

Technology didn’t really have a place in circles, spells, or magick as a whole. Needless to say, without a natural place, there was little conflict.

A Brief Editorial Sidenote From Rohanna Irene

I would like to take a moment to be candid here because, in truth, this whole article just sort of train wrecked me. I have tried to show the whole process of how technology was taboo, frowned upon, or (in some cases) totally forbidden from incorporation. This was done in a sort of down and dirty kind of way.

The point is, this article is kind of now an editorial.

Magick Represents a Mindset

With that being said… there is something… off-putting about recommending a proverbial tool of technology for magickal purposes. Perhaps, it is just the old-school expectation of avoiding technology outright…   

Then again…it has been a while since we have had anything truly popular and public in Idaho. Years of solitary practice have been firmly placed between me (personally) and a more formal esoteric practice. Hipe

Moving Forward and Embracing Technology With Magick

Many neo-pagans and modern witchcraft traditions teach that ritual and spell working space should be free and clear from technological interactions.  Depending on the magick tradition, rules about technological interference have often been seen as an unacceptable practice.

After all, video did kill the radio star…

This could mean that the inclusion could result in maladaptive results due to breaking unspoken rules of process, or simply a cultural taboo.

Adaptation Requires Technological Acceptance in Magick Practices

The intent of this article was never to dive so deeply into the discussion about technology and magic. The review was posted well before the blog post here was even considered.

However, this whole dialog break does offer up a chance to discuss the topic. Additionally, it brings up some interesting points about what modern pagans, mages, and other varieties of witches, have to look forward to in the very near future.

It is less about whether or not there is a place for technological advancements in magick, and more of culling for consideration that seems to be necessary.  Additionally, as advancements such as phone apps or computer programs are discussed, it feels like there is a hollowness to the whole conversation… that could totally be because I am conversing, technically with me, in a hypothetical-ish motivated manner.

Losing Touch With Reality is Becoming Too Commonplace

It is not until an issue is stumbled upon that that the lack of is lack of direction and leadership within the magical community feels more pressing and apparent…

It has a mind of its own, obviously…

Who is even in charge of this whole thing anymore? What are we even doing here?

New Rules and a Suggestion for the Management

For now, it is easy enough to stick by whatever rules seem to work best for each individual practitioner. That might not solve any issues when public rituals or events come to play, but that is a case-by-case consideration for another day!  For now, it seems like it is beyond the point of time where the rules on technology should have changed (if they haven’t already). Part of me halfway wonders if this whole concept is a thing in my head and people don’t even worry about it anymore. Times are a-changing, and is it just one of those things where I lost track of time? Maybe we should practice what we preach and discuss the issue as a group?

Duly noted. In the meantime, let’s get back to the Co-Star astrology app.

Actual link for review below…

Seriously, this isn’t a sponsored segment (er… breakdown). Honestly, a few of us here at Mage Against the Machine stumbled upon the app, began using it, and were impressed with it. Now we just want to share. PLUS we made a video on it and everything. There is a definite learning curve there!

YouTube Co-Star Astrology App Review

With everything else under consideration, how about we take a look at the review for this app? It has a lot of cool features and overall gets a good rating from us.

Rohanna Irene shows off  Co-Star. This smart astrology app… is packed with on-the-point astrology factoids. It also has witty wording and a bit of an attitude. 5/5 Stars.
Definitely worth checking out!

What Do You Think?

We would love to hear what you think…. about the Co-Star app… AND the video! This is our first review and we are slowly learning new skills for video editing and recording. Seriously, feedback is welcome and appreciated!

This is a series of pagan altar images that include candles, chalices, deities, and other items made for ritual. The altar is a living item as part of our practice. The altar is used during all the times of the year and often will change based on the season. Many witches use their altar to do spells, but it is also a space used for more than this. This image shows a collage of many stages that might be present for a typical altar used to practice witchcraft of magick.
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There is More Than One Way to Create a Sacred Space for Magick

Pagan Altars: The Key to a Magickal Mindset

This is a series of pagan altar images that include candles, chalices, deities, and other items made for ritual. The altar is a living item as part of our practice. The altar is used during all the times of the year and often will change based on the season. Many witches use their altar to do spells, but it is also a space used for more than this. This image shows a collage of many stages that might be present for a typical altar used to practice witchcraft of magick.

Most modern magick practices insist on some form of a sacred space that is designed to be specifically for doing magick. Whether discussing this topic with a Wiccan or a Ceremonial Magician, this is one of those kinds of topics where pretty much everyone can agree. At least, there will be a general consensus: An altar or designated space for magickal working is recommended.

Creating a Sacred Space for Spells and Magick

Much like a teacher will take time to create a space for learning for their students, a proper magician should take the time to cultivate a space for doing their practice. This space is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Creating a sacred space for magick allows the mind to key into the correct state to be successful in magickal endeavors.
  2. Tools kept on the altar remain more effective for longer periods of time when properly stored and tended.
  3. Setting up and caring for your sacred space instills a ritual of care and importance for your magickal working space. This is likely to help create a routine for ritual, and can act as a helpful reminder for working regularly with your chosen practice.

The Proper Way to Set Up a Pagan Altar

This section suggests that there is a right or a wrong way to set up a pagan altar, but it is intentionally deceiving. While there are plenty of people that are bound to say that things must be one way or the other, Mage Against the Machine isn’t on that bandwagon.

The fact of the matter is, an altar and a ritual sacred space for any kind of magick, these are intensely personal topics. Any one person may choose to set their altar up anyway that they please. In fact, for example, below is a link of my (Rohanna Irene) altar at home. Feel free to take a peek and see the example in the video!

Altar Talk: Part One

Notice that there are not all of the tools listed in this video. As described, the goal is going to be moving forward, to discuss the variety of important aspects of ritual and altar creation.

What Is Most Important on a Wiccan or Pagan Altar?

Before going too deep and saying what we do or how things should be done, we think it is best to have a discussion. For this reason, this section is listed as Part 1. Please feel free to ask any questions or to share your ideas.

THEN… Keep an eye out for the next podcast airing this weekend! We are going to discuss more details about pagan altars, delve into their history, and look about how modern magicians use their altars in practices of the current era.

Image of a candle lit pagan altar with plants and chalices.
An example of a simple pagan altar.

What Does Your Altar Look Like?

We are collecting images of people’s altars to show off! If you want to include your altar image, please email!

You can also share with us on social media – @mageatm

Thank you for stopping by! We can’t wait to develop this conversation more deeply and give the topic of pagan and Wiccan altars the true in-depth attention that the vast topic deserves!

This image shows an artistic rendition of the hostess of the mage against the machine podcast. Across the box it says Rohanna Irene, and then occult studies, wicca, tarot, ethics & philosophy. Behind this is a brightly colored picture that has been digitally altered. It is vibrant with hot pink, blonde, teal, black, white, blue and such colors. The way it is colored, Rohanna looks like she has green and black hair and the tips may be blonde. She has a cute smile and shining eyes with a tinge of blue to them.
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Announcing YouTube Channel for Rohanna Irene

Hybrid Courses and Correspondence Lessons Coming Soon

It has been a busy week, with the full moon and plotting the upcoming support resources for next season. Surprisingly,  the introduction on YouTube is also now active! A few years ago, Rohanna did start doing the lecture portion of the Intro to Wicca on YouTube, but because there were active in-person classes, continuing the recordings meant doing double work.

Progress in New Format for Pagan Classes

With all of the changes, it took a while to get content to present via video. The good news is that headway has been made in this department. With that being said, it finally was time to get a new channel together and should be on a routine posting schedule will be posted soon.

Update: YouTube Introduction Uploaded

Since Covid and Quarantine changed the dynamics of in-person mentoring, a change to coursework was inevitable. Of course, this also meant reorganizing the content of classes. This process led to the development of the Mage Against the Machine podcast. 

As the Podcast has developed, it brought with it loads of research and a deeper understanding of occult history. While the YouTube channel has been a thing for a while, there wasn’t enough time to get it up and running. It is pleasant to announce, there was a bit of downtime over the weekend and the intro for YouTube was finally loaded. This means, moving forward that discussions that could be bolstered by video cam now be put on there.

Rohanna Irene Talks Paganism,  the Occult, and the Future on YouTube

The introduction on YouTube was pretty standard. It’s short, about 15 minutes long. Mainly, in the spirit of “doing things right”, it was put there to introduce topics on the show and to explain the more casual nature of presentation.

Talking about tarot and ritual should be much easier with a visual accompaniment in the long run too!

Previous MAtM Topics Will Be Loaded Next

Previous topics, from Elemental Correspondences to The Timeline of Magick will be put on the YouTube for Rohanna Irene. There doesn’t seem to be a point to have one just for Mage Against the Machine. There is a definite learning curve as to how to utilize all the platforms and technology. It is coming together though!

Don’t Miss Out On the Pagan and Occult Topics That Interest You Most

Be sure to like and subscribe the first upload on YouTube channel. You can check it out by following the link here.

If there are any topics that you would like visual direction with as well, please request it here. This will help to make sure the podcast and the YouTube channel is doing the most good!

In the mean time, a big thanks to everyone so far that has helped to develop the direction of Mage Against the Machine!