S2 Ep. 01 – Let’s Be Clear on this History of Magick & Get a Timeline and Facts Together


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Title: Intro to the Detailed Empirical History and Timeline of Magick 

Quick Notes: Last season we discussed what is magick and yet, there wasn’t enough to really describe all that is magick in form, function, and purpose here in present history. It is a lot of information just to note and categorize details, events, and other contributions to practices that the average mage might include in their own practices. With that, we have taken a considerable amount of time to research the verifiable facts of magick… from antiquity to the present. 

In this podcast, Rohanna discusses the major categories, contributors, and influences that have collectively brought magick to where it is today. As we kick off Season TWO we are ultimately attempting to create a sense of stability around the base of many modern practices. 

Major sections, such as Neo-Babylonian influences thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, to ancient Egypt, and then modern influences to present are being presented en masse with this recording. Please, take your time, and allow us together to begin to create a clear timeline of magick and witchcraft. 

**Transcriptions and scripts will auto-update to the blog. Additionally, see additional reference links above and below! 

Pre-Requisite Suggestion: If you missed the introduction to magick or witchcraft, please check those out before or in conjunction with dissecting this recording. 

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Magick is Just Here – There – Everywhere

It was a different time and I was, at the time, dead set on going to college and becoming an anthropologist. I was, even in hindsight, I would say… weirdly obsessed… with Richard and Mary Leaky. I was interested in making a contribution to the world in a big way.

Now, we have talked about, previously, that Wicca was a huge topic in the 90s. I personally am looking forward when we can dig deeper into that portion of our occult lore and history.

There are a few areas that fascinate me and I have been digging into the histories, and I can understand how the whole actual and factual history of magick has gotten lost.

Unlike other popular religions in  Western civilization, “paganism”, the term that many people used to define themselves with… it isn’t a religion technically. There is no denying now that civilization began, at least a civilization, began in Gobekli Tepe, and there were people around that understood at least some of the astronomy and math that before this was always attributed to later cities and people.

However, when we are looking at magick, as a whole of a practice and as an influence on modern western culture, we invariably only need to look at the facts as we have them. Interestingly, the first script indicating magickal practices aren’t linear through faiths or traditions. We aren’t even including Asian religions in to the mix yet, mainly due to their lack of direct influence, in a mage-like sense. We will definitely get to that topic later but for  now this break down is basically going to wait on the sidelines.

For now, let’s get familiar with the regions that influence Western culture.

Now, I know that we have talked a bit about specific parts of Antiquity. Last season we delved in quite a bit, kind of revving up for this season to get in and to dig deeper I suppose?

Now, you don’t have to stop here and go listen to the other podcasts first… The blog post that we did to discover What is Magick? It can be heard here but the rest of this timeline you should be good to go and listen to that at a later time.

However, I will likely be referencing a few names that we have kind of gone over.

For example, last season, we talked about the elements and other famously used correspondences that are often seen in magick, of all varieties. Even Wicca and new-age faith traditions tend to use the directions, colors and correspondences that date back to Ancient Greece.


In our timeline, we are making all the stops and obviously, we end up going as far back as Mesopotamia. Now, there are language refeerences in their cunieform tablets scribed by priests and mages. However, not all of them are dated. And, well, I think that Miriam Said said it best…. Miriam as of 2018 was part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Department of Eastern Art. I am going to put  link to the article in the references below, but she summed up what I was thinking already about the issue with creating a magickal timeline.  She said, “

Steeped in the philosophical traditions of Western dualism, we often view magic in a binary relation to religion, yet no such distinction existed in Mesopotamia. For people living in ancient Iraq and the imperial peripheries in Syria, Anatolia, and Iran during the first millennium B.C., magic was a part of everyday life.

From <https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/magic/hd_magic.htm>

Ancient Worshipper

Steeped in the philosophical traditions of Western dualism, we often view magic in a binary relation to religion, yet no such distinction existed in Mesopotamia. For people living in ancient Iraq and the imperial peripheries in Syria, Anatolia, and Iran during the first millennium B.C., magic was a part of everyday life.

From <https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/magic/hd_magic.htm>

With this in mind, it is the main reason we basically are going back this far. The first millennium still doesn’t seem to do the topic justice, because perhaps it is with the perception lens that I personally have… always gotta leave room out there for those personal biases. But, what we consider magick today… essentially using mental, inspirational, or for a lack of better terms, supernatural method, to get a result.

Throughout the Mesopotamian historical records, there are mentions, and more importanty, directions on how magick was conducted. So, basically, not only do we see the magickal aspects of the culture – such as through wearing amulets to ward off danger or superstitions… this is something more structured and widely understood to both be a real thing, with important priests that reported to the king, that elevated individuals to magi that could influence important decisions… there is a good deal of evidence that avtually directs how the magickal practices of some rituals were to be managed and handled.

This means, whrn you put into simple terms, since the early beginnings of what we know now to be the beginning of written text communication, that magick was writen about.


Greek / Rome – Classical antiquity.

This time frame goes for a long gap of time, but in it there is a lot of unique contributions to magick, sorcery and witchcraft.

Keep in mind that we will continue to add to this as we go !


American history of witchcraft has always been a funny thing. One site that I personally like to look at on my own time, while not scholarly technically, still interesting and helpful for the links they provide is ParanormalKnowledge.com  // https://www.paranormalknowledge.com/america/timeline-of-events-in-witchcraft-in-america.html

Like the timeline they have is what is pretty typical for general Wiccan history. There is this thousands of years ago… then to the present. Part of the reason I wanted to go through this timeline here is to point this out though and then to compare to the much longer history. 

I included a link to the timeline – it will be included in the show notes and the transcript on the website.

Ancient Civilization, history, Magick

Historical Eras of Mankind and Magick

This last week, Mage Against the Machine posted a long podcast that begun to sort through the history of magick. Initially, it seemed an easy task. However, because people have literally been practicing magick forever, the discovery process appears to have already run into a few concerns.

Proving supernatural forces were accepted by the oldest of civilizations has been a challenge at times. Since magick and  witchcraft were relatively common concepts, finding specific directions can be difficult.  Conjecture is often used, in order to attempt to gain a more clear understanding of purpose

The Difficulties in Uncovering the Evolution of Magick and Witchcraft

History, for the most part, has become a pretty straightforward business. Generally, researching the important dates and events events of certain topics will result with a relatively solid  picture of how something came to be.  Unfortunately, tackling the practices of magic and witchcraft does not appear to be quite as simple as this.  Thankfully, there are some historical references available to at least get started!

Magick and Witchcraft: Evolutionary Stagnation?

Upon beginning this is this sifting of history, it is important to remember the inherent nature of magic. Magick has changed so much, in the minds of man, through the years. However, purposes  and practices remain similar today to what they were 5,000 years ago.

This juxtapose in perception about what Magick is and how (or if) it should be handled creates a sort of living history.  That is to say, inherently, magic is continuously evolving and expanding.  Older historical records become come difficult to to categorize. 

Consider that when an aspect of daily life is considered routine, then there tends to be less and less empirical records. This continues to make the process of accurately accounting for magick and supernatural forces difficult to empirically confirm.

A Hidden History Creates More Mystery

Another notable issue with creating a complete historical record of magickal practices is secrecy.   In ancient times, for thousands of years, having a magical mindset was just how things were done. 

Over time, this changed and magick and witchcraft fell from popular favor. During times like this, the teachings to conjure, cast spells, or to perform a host of other supernatural activities was a secret practice. The wisdom of how to do these things was past down through mystery cults, fraternal orders, or secret societies.

Fresh Faced Witchery Revamps Magick

Sifting through history is a dauntibg task, at first.  What many fail to recognize is that Western civilization is very much a baby witch in it’s own right.

Christianity that has relegated the practice magick super off-limits.  Practices and spiritual philosophies is spiritual philosophithat had been in play been in play for thousands of years, karma were drew were drastically changed within the course of just a few 100!

The practice of witchcraft,  for much of our modern history, has been shunned and shamed.  While, it seems silly to blame religion as a whole, there are often shifting religious views or trends in spirituality that can altar the perceptions of practices. 

Don’t Hate the Player…

It is a dangerous and stupid plan to ostracize a religion as a whole, or even a religious philosophy  simply for changing for changing the dynamics of the spiritual world.  If anything, emotion about the recent rifts between spiritual actions or faith actions creates an unhealthy divide. Western civilization is recovering from this exact thing and a loss of knowledge, direction, and faith has been the result.

Broad Strokes and Building Blocks

The Mage Against the Machine podcast hopes to be able to direct and verify all of the practices, important contributors, and any other components of sorcery,  magick, or witchcraft that can help to understand modern, Western magick traditions.

During this point in history, there is less direction. Limited descriptions are found to date, detailing specific practices. Rather, what is available thus far, are written scripts from ancient Mesopotamia referencing the existence of witchcraft in the culture.

Surviving the Ages

Surviving artifacts indicate that magick as a supernatural force was practiced in a variety of ways and widely accepted within the societies of Mesopotamia from at least 3200 BCE. Additionally, there is evidence of priesthood rituals, the structure in place for integral supernatural beliefs through religion, and a interdependent nature of lifestyle that often coincides with magickal truth.

Supernatural Perspectives Reflect Ongoing Social Evolutions

There was not this binary relationship that we have commonly today. There was no integration with religion or prerequisite of faith. Magick simply was. 

Ironically, within the last 6 is in the last 60 years of Western practice of Western practice, we are seeing a return we are seeing a return to singular learn magic as as a tool.

However, due to the off and on, and sometimes somewhat toxic  relationship, the complete history  of magic becomes easily muddled.  additional research to get to an absolute truth.

A Broad View of Ancient Civilizations

Magick, New, podcast

Season 2: Time to Dig Deep Into the History of Magick and Witchcraft

Welcome all! We are now officially back in action! With this in mind, get ready to jump right in and make some headway into deciphering more of the mysteries of ancient times. Our first season 2 episode takes on questions regarding the foundations of what has come to be known, in present day, as magick or witchcraft.

Discerning Mythos from Magick

Humans have followed the phases of the moon, literally, forever… but why???

Some of the oldest empirical evidence regarding supernatural activity and celestial inclusion of knowledge is seen in the relations between the daily world and the heavens.

Many ancient temples or other centers for community doubled as trading posts, meeting halls, and other societal practices.

Trends in Social, Spiritual and Religious Significance

Working with the natural energies is the base of magick and witchcraft. These energies appear to be considered as fluid. They can be relative to practices with all kinds of significance. 

However, values and importance can change over time. Locations are a great example. This is often because they can reflect more than just a building or project.

Learning Lore Through Local Buildings and Gathering Posts

Important cultural locations often were built to mirror important details in the heavens. Additionally, in many areas through ancient civilizations, there are statues, fountains or other physical tributes were included to suggest importance.

They also acted as large correlation points, or sometimes as a life size representation. Modern historians cannot say for sure that all people believed in the same concepts.

Ziggurats: Mesopotamia’s Mapped Magick

Ziggurats are typically common buildings that became more complex and marked in Mesopotamian culture over the years. They usually were created towards city center. They held special correspondences for the city Godhead. It makes sense that, in time, they reflected the magical mindset of the area, as much as social or economic culture!

These buildings acted as temples for ritual and spiritual guidance. They also captured public interest, at times allowing for economic centers or communal rallying points.

Temples gave a place for people, but not always a purpose. Rituals of all kinds, not just the sources of magick and witchcraft, could be found within ziggurats in Mesopotamia!

Building Babel: Babylon and the Magick of Communication?

It has even been supposed that the Tower of Babel was quite possibly one of these structures!

By studying ancient temples, and then the other important buildings that had similar statuses in a civilization, there is a trend.  Certain locations tend to build power and importance over time.

Magick Made Into More?

The source or root can be external or internal. Essentially, be it a combination of inherent willpower or a force that requires intent and direction, for much of human history it has been widely accepted that magick is real and tangible. 

Depending on a persons focus, there is a process at work on all actions of magick and witchcraft. Collective actions and common cultural significance can certainly increase the importance of a location. However,  typically the buildings and locations seem to correlate as much to a culture, as it does to a collective experience.

As knowledge of practical ritual habits and corresponding details increase, so too does the potential power.

Moving Beyond Labeling and Defining Magick

Magickal influences and influxes through the ages. This should be a simple topic? I mean ,we should know where our craft comes from, right? Modern witchcraft, magick, and pagan religions all have an important place in human history. Understanding the why and the how, I feel, is important, to understand the why and the other mechanics.

The How and Why of Witchcraft

However, with this in mind, before  we get too far into it all… It is nice to be back and writing. It has felt so dull and boring doing nothing of the sort the last while. I worked long and hard on the podcast, the opener for season 2, last night. It is coming together, but there is so much magick in our history!

A magickal altar is a common tool for practicing all varieties of the craft.

It found it was quite interesting watching the transitions of terminologies as I have been working on our initial timeline of magick and witchcraft. For the longest time, the inherent practices of spells, curses, prayers, effigies, and the like, academically and historically speaking… magick is a common description.

Of course, as we talked about in our article last season, magic was spelled with a c… but it was still that energy and defined by this word. It isn’t until after the creation of the HRE (Holy Roman Empire) that we begin to see Christian, lo… Catholic commentary on sorcery and witchgcraft. Somehow this natural elemen of power moves to something sinister and something that is to be feared.

The Less Wilderness, the More Timid We Become?

It has been the longest of breaks! I feel that weakness in my body. I am sore from laziness and my brain moves slowly. Though, I am waking up. I realize this process, as I am discovering the historical process of how this happened to faith and magick. Maybe, just maybe I am simply connecting dots that aren’t there? I don’t think so though….

I am not going to lie, doing the podcast for this season starter was a doozy! I ended up with an idea, I wanted to track the timeline of magick in Western Culture. I feel that the Wiccan and general pagan books were kind of misleading from the 90s to present. I think that they gave the idea that there has been a statuesque practice that is recognized and practiced since the dawn of time. However, we can see as we go through this that it is so not true.

From Magick to Witchcraft… Sorcery to Satan

Witchcraft and magick definitely do have a long history interwoven with humanity. However, the locations, cultures and societal contributions that have brought us the modern magickal traditions, including Wicca, ceremonial magick, fraternal orders, and yes, even chaos magick…. The thoughts we have as a current civilization about magick and even our rituals and practices, they all come from somewhere. I don’t know, maybe it is just me… but understanding the history of these contributions seems kind of vital.

Those that do not learn from the past [history] are doomed to repeat it!

Sir Winston Churchhill

I have heard it said before that learning from the past is a good idea and I tend to take magick, divination, and all things of this nature in a serious light. Call me old-fashioned. Call me out dated. Just don’t call me under prepared. I was taught to respect the nature of magick, to wield spells as one would a weapon. It is hard to unlearn these trends.

Etymology and Alterations of Magick

The Wheel of the Year is a good example of simplification of “ancient” pagan practices. ** Don’t be fooled! It isn’t that old!

I feel like we have witnessed a huge jump in understanding or the evolution of thought and consciousness, but because we were so busy trying to control things perhaps we missed it. The timeline, to present, only a few seem to have it out there in a full thought. It was really difficult tracking magick, the practices, rituals and general concept socially. It reminds me of the old adage of failing to learn from history.

One of the things that intrigued me the most about everything has been the way in which magickal power is so… disregarded. This bothers me and simply doesn’t sit right.

Considering the Source and Seriousness of Magickal Practices

The best way I had to tackle this issue that I have been having was to seek out where exactly this mindset began to take hold. For, much of humanity, there was reverence for nature and the natural power of the earth and conscious begins. That we had will and that we could cast it upon the world around us, seemed to be more than a mere accident.

Working Backwards Through Witchcraft

Scott Cunningham wrote in his Guide to a Solitary Practitioner  that the magick of witches has been around since Shamans. It isn’t that it isn’t true, it is that it is vague that bothers me so. I look back at the history as I was taught it, and I feel kind of cheated. I feel like I went too long seeking something other than the source. I imagine this is how many people feel when they seek balance or piece from a religion or practice that is incomplete.

I love the olden authors. I was a fan of Raven Grimasi because I was a dianic from the beginning. I felt a kinship with Scott Cunningham as I began to learn and I loved reading the creation of Starhawk. However, the more I dig, the more I realize that there is a deeper, richer, and more virile magickal history. I don’t think they had the facts, as they didn’t have access to information as we do in the technological era as we do now. I don’t blame them for working with what they knew to be true.

Seeking Sorcery and Magick in the Purest Form

We can only wonder how much modern Egypt truly reflects the grandeur of ancient times!

For the furthest back of ancient religions, we see an important status of the cosmic balance and truth, with the Goddess of Ma’at in older Egyptian myth. This balance was represented as a deity. However, so was the power that made it work. The scales reacting to something, is how it seems.

Egyptians promoted the power of magick through understanding the god Thoth, but recognized it in a brute force kind of raw energy through Heka.  This was considered the God of magic, magick in it’s true form, as a primordial power. We have written scripts detailing his importance and the vitality of the energy.

Reflecting on the Direction of Magick and Seeking Historical References

The Season 2 Opener should be posted shortly, but I thought I would at least put some thoughts out there. I feel like I have been digging in some area that I shouldn’t. Like I am opening a can of worms best left closed. I don’t feel like I am doing anything dumb or dangerous, not that kind of warning. However, perhaps there was a reason this was all shut up and not talked about? There is a reason that the history of magick and witchcraft is so disjointed? Each traditions has it’s own history and it’s own path.

However, if it all comes from the same source… does it really matter? Is one really better or different from the other? I don’t think it will make a huge difference on the scheme of greater magickal practices… but at the very least there is going to be a change in my own perception.

A Coven is Always Preferred

Magick is best with a few, rather than solo. This can be family, a coven, or friends supporting each other.

I have long said that magick is best done in a small group, and rarely at it’s height of success when practiced solo. People need each other and our reference comes from our social ties with others. We cannot diagnose ourselves any more than we can trust our own experiences without reference and context. Other people being involved in the process provide this needed aspect of practice that allows for the great work to truly be great.

Imagine John Dee doing his scrying solo? It would have been harder to  verify as a whole, juding the enochian language. It would have been difficult to believe that this much power and intellect lied in one man. However, with the corroboration of his methods, we see a deeper meaningful result in the angelic script that was deciphered. This is because the unbelievable with able to be tested beyond the greatness of simply one man. The message was easier to decipher with multiple perspectives.

Let Us Dig Up the Skeletons of the Dead Arts

I have said that this whole process was a project of me simply trying to verify, understand, and hold accountable, the story of magick many authors have done similar tasks, but I find that not always in the simplest of terms. They also do the digging gone their own

Special Thank You to Support for Season 2

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all of you that have taken a part so far. You are the only reason we are able to do this, and personally… that I am able to do this. I am grateful for the opportunity to dig through the past and clarify. There has been quite a bit of support, socially, which is cool. People are slowly beginning to speak up, ask questions, and get involved. It is a unique and humbling experience.

Additionally, to the two supporters I have had with me since nearly the beginning, tossing some coin to support this crazy ride. Thank you as well.

Final Word on the Timeline of Magick

So far, the timeline is shaping up nicely. I have left out some major additions, as I would like to add them as we dig into them. For now, I can say that we have broken the information up into smaller parts. I have a tendency to just talk… and talk. I find this fascinating. Thankfully, I do have some editing help to hold me back. That being said, expect this first episode to be super long!

We are doing our best to break up the sections into chunks that are easily digestible and i don’t expect anyone to just sit down and listen to it in entirety. We go back to Pre-Sumerian and Pre-Babylonian tablets to find proof of magick and the magickal mindset. We then go to Babylon, to Egypt, make notations through classical antiquity. From there, we discuss the influence of Christianity, touch on the Jewish mysticism influence, and begin to see where the paths diverge. We look at the sects of Christianity, the secret fraternal orders and the kickback that happens from the Inquisition. That isn’t even the whole of it. It is a brough history indeed and only a work that has hust begun!

Thank You for Your Patience!

See, I definitively bit of more than I had initially planned. That being said, it has been an interesting look at the topic in a way that was new to me. Hopefully, you all get as much out of the work as I have! I believe the timeline should be posted in a rudimentary form in a day or two.

I can’t wait to share and then to move forward and add to it! As soon as it is up, I will make sure to update on here.

Blessed Be. Namaste. 770. L&L ❤

Rohanna Irene


A Reading of The Correspondences of the Four Elements

Typically all posts are on our podcast, but it wouldn’t load this time!

Conjuration of the Elements: A Reading by Rohanna Irene

We have been studying the correspondences of the elements with our Pathworking 101 class. Naturally, Eliphas Levi came up on the related information gathering. He is obviously important in understanding modern esoteric and magical practices.

As we progress with our discussion of the correspondences of the elements, we will definitely be seeing more of Levi’s works. For now, The Conjuration of the Elements is a nice addition. First of all, it includes excellent imagery that is helpful for those developing a concept of the elements. Additionally, this should help in visualizing elements too! Secondly, thus reading is a first for us here at Mage. Hopefully, it becomes a tradition moving forward. I very much enjoyed sharing this text in this way.

Initially, I would have uploaded this reading to our podcast. However, it appears to be too long and it is difficult to split the reading. So, for now, I have it on SoundCloud. In this, we still have it posted.

Classic Elements Correspondences and Eliphas Levi

There is much to peruse when considering the whole of Levi’s work. He is a contributor that is definitely as vital to the history, philosophy, and practices of modern occult studies as anyone. Definitely, add him to the magical list started in our blog earlier!

For now, without further ado, we present our first reading!

Stay Tuned!

We will be posting to YouTube as well. Hopefully, this is up later this week!


How to Recover Lost Knowledge

Thoth (Greece) Djhuty (Egyptian)

Generally, as an Egyptian god, Thoth / Djhuty is a well-rounded diety. Not only is he considered one of the most accomplished deities in the Egyptian pantheon. Additionally, he is heralded as the god Hermes. It is for this reason that Thoth is considered so important. He alone protects the ancient secrets. Furthermore, can restore the lost knowledge. One of the only that has the access to the mysteries of the ages, is known to be charitable and to share these gifts with mankind. Finally, beyond his other attributes, he is also said to be the author of many of the sacred texts, including The Book of the Dead.

In addition to all of this, Thoth is a god of many correspondences. Here is a list of just some of his purviews.

The Keeper of Lost Knowledge & Secret Intelligences

  • Knowledge
  • Writing
  • Language
  • Creator of Languages
  • Representative of Ra
  • Shared duties with Goddess Seshat
  • Scribe
  • Interpreter
  • Advisor of the Gods

Whether seeking lost knowledge or hidden truths, Thoth is the god that one would turn to. This is the God of secrets, writing, and all things pertaining to the mysteries of the macrocosm. From as far back as Collectively, his popularity was one for longer than many of the other gods of the time and location.

The Return of Lost Knowledge?

Thoth, sometimes presenting as the Greek god Hermes, or alongside the Sage Hermes Trismegistus, gets credit for writing the Emerald Tablet. This was a green tablet that included the secrets of alchemy and magick. His direction allowed the survival of the esoteric wisdom of antiquity to live on today. This alone is a reason to be thankful. This is perhaps one of the most important contributions that has been claimed by man. There remains one more book, The Book of Thoth. This collection of rituals and spells is said to have all of the information needed to create the most powerful of magicians. This books is still lost and waiting to be found… if it exists.

The Mysteries Beyond The Graves of Greats

The reason this post is starting with Thoth and his detailed information is that it is a glimpse into the way that knowledge was seen in the past. Modern man has only realized relatively recently that any of his knowledge was missing. For the last 150 years, occultists have been pursuing ancient intelligence and attempting to unravel the past with fervor. In the early 1900s, the race for unveiling the supernatural world was on. Fueling this race was the archaeology discoveries. Before this time, philosophers mustered guesses as to the makeup of the world, the power behind the mind, and the mysteries of the macrocosm. It took time for science to catch up to the suppositions of philosophy.

As rhetoric began to split into psychology and alchemy transmuted into chemistry, the archaeologists and curators out there were digging up the mysteries of the desert. These discoveries prompted a change in awareness in Western cultures. Today, we continue to grow with the knowledge that we have, as we build out magickal practices upon the shoulders of intellectual giants.

Searching for the Missing Link

Today, magicians, witches, and the bulk of magick practitioners in western traditions all rely on a basic understanding. They know what they know thanks to limited, yet relatively distinct laws and principles. The Hermetic Principles defines the simplest treatise of the principles of religion and magick.

These principles reoccur through many veins of occult theory. The first, and perhaps most controversial is, through the laws of Theosophy as purported and translated by Helena Blavatsky. She directly translated the Emerald Tablet and then included much of her esoteric knowledge in her books The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled. The second most popular translation and reiteration of the principles occur later, in the Kybalion when published in 1908. Since this time, there continue to be more modern iterations of the same mystical regulations that were put forth thousands of years ago.

Conceptualizing Lost Knowledge

Devouring Time

Through the ages, it is a recurrent theme that information is lost through time. Tempus Edax Rerum means “devouring time” or that “time devours all” in Latin. This saying was not lost to the Romansm, and it has been said in other ways, similarly in other languages.

Time devouring is present and commonality for all things. Never mind that this is something that can easily and readily be witnessed by man. Without a doubt, information getting lost in time isn’t a far-fetched notion. However, looking back through antiquity, it seems as though this modern obsession with a missing link of some kind is wholly a newer fashion of thought.

With the discovery of the Peking Man, people exclaimed that the missing link of man had been found. Alternatively, looking for lost items wasn’t anything new. In 1900 the Antikythera Mechanism was found, amidst a ship wreck. But things like shipwrecks were always a thing. People went missing, stuff got lost in the vastness of the ocean. However, this new obsession was with the missing link of humanity. The 1900s pushed forward a new era of understanding. With it came the swarms of people who wanted to be the one who made the next big find, or the person who unveiled the mysteries that hadn’t been seen since ancient times.

The Search Continues…. Sort of…

For a modern person in the technological age, it is easy enough to find out just about anything by typing a question into a search engine. However, with research on Google, “How much of human history has been lost,” you may be surprised. Mainly, this is because there is no real or definite answer from a scholarly resource. There are a few conflicting answers. However, there are very few clear and solid numbers, as in a statistical quote. Along this vein, you will find vastly differing estimates ranging from 80 to 95 percent on conspiracy theory sites. These kinds of outlets seem to be the only ones that are willing to make a firm commitment to an actual amount.

Dying or Lost? Knowledge Gone

Perhaps, the reasoning for not providing a number on the scholarly sites is that it is simply impossible to know. After all, word of mouth didn’t make for a good keeper of the secrets. Eventually, the local wisdom of certain cultures would die off when their population died off. Alternatively, the simple act of age slowly turns many historical pieces of evidence into verbal mythos.. The truth can die off, even if a population does not.

Concerning Information… Or Not?

This is why it is vital that, as a conscious species, we make the best efforts to protect the information that we have. This should be one of the goals of a magickal practitioner. The wisdom that allows the interaction with the macro and microcosm is valuable. With this in mind, it is important to continue to protect and contain the knowledge that we now call magick. We must always start the empirical search for truth from the shoulders of the giants. If those shoulders are no longer present, then the whole of the process must begin again. This is time-consuming and unnecessary, at present.

Bear in mind that, for this reason, coveting and protecting occult information is one of the goals and honorable actions of practitioners of all magickal traditions. With this firmly in the consideration of modern mages, it would be unlikely to have to be concerned about lost knowledge of the esoteric kind.

Hidden Truths Unveiled

Fragile books, worn after wear. They held precious information that was well loved and managed with care.

For centuries, mages and other practitioners of magick and alchemy, take care in hiding their rites, intelligence, and arcane knowledge. Their books, fragile and delicate when worn through time, were still treated with care and respect. Fraternal orders continue to exist with this requirement intact. Even newer traditions, such as Wicca, often require the secrecy of their coven members. While this is still a practice that is taking place, it is largely out of personal security concern, rather than in the vein of protecting the knowledge itself. There are many places in the United States where it simply isn’t safe or wise to be a mage out in the open.

Knowledge Recovery

The information that is popular today is the same that stems from the Emerald Tablet and other works from antiquity. interestingly enough, there is a large and noticeable influence from Babylonian, Greek, Persian and Egyptian sources in Western culture to this day. This might be a saving grace. However, burning libraries, water damage, and other losses have also potentially lessened the lost knowledge that is missing presently. This makes it hard to know of the remaining esoterica documentation. Furthermore, we have nothing to compare to.

Modern Esoterica

Thankfully, the remaining knowledge that is available today is still safe and in plain sight. Instead of keeping it secret, the digital era has opened the floodgates for this knowledge. Respectively, the difficulty of the texts tends to keep complete schools of thought from being intact. For example, here are a few links to add to your own library!

So long as the connection to the digital world exists, so too shall the knowledge of the ages. However, what happens if there is no longer this conduit? Nearly impossible for the modern person to comprehend, but still a possibility just the same. 

The Responsibility of Enlightened Humanity

In order to protect the truths, as understood by man, information must be regarded as sacrosanct. The new rules for the enlightened class must be rewritten, as their roles are changing. It is vital that they make a vow to protect the knowledge, the inalienable truths of humanity, and uphold this vow. This is by no means an impossible task. The vow should no longer be to keep the information secret but to keep it intact and protected. It should be to preserve the rites and readings that involve education and responsibility. This is the way towards a stronger community. This is the way towards a more in-depth understanding of gnosis and the magickal process.

How to Discern the Truth

Books are an important part of a practitioners arsenal.

As knowledge is released out, spread to all people, it is often lost and watered down. On one hand, it must be for a purpose as all things are happening as they are meant to. On the other hand, this massive flux of information is likely lost on the unlearned. When this happens, then information becomes hidden in plain sight. Unless one is willing to seek with true will and intent, then one is only likely to find a small portion of the information. It is not until that person is willing to go through the trials, that all practitioners face, that purpose is revealed. It is not until the moment of victory that their next calling shall begin. 

For this reason, it is important for every mage to be mindful of the knowledge they keep. They should have a handwritten book of shadows that includes the most vital and important of information pertaining to their craft and education. Furthermore, having a hard copy of all information from books, essays or other sources on hand would be wise.

Learning From the Past

By understanding what has happened to human history, this loss can be prevented from happening again in the future. It is known that time devours all things, but is it not the goal of the mage to challenge the laws of nature? Is it not in the mage’s nature to decide their own fate? Until it can be determined how to avoid the tests of time physically, the least that one can do is to thwart the destruction of that which is learned in the lifespans of many. This is the most worthy of goals. For, through the protection of knowledge, lies the means to work on a deeper understanding. From this understanding, enlightenment may bloom. 

Here’s to the pursuit of truth! 


Rohanna Irene / Mage Against the Machine


Choice, Conviction, and Consciousness.

What We Lack, We Learn Again

How aware of you are you?

Since times of antiquity, there has been a common understanding that we perceive the world through our minds. Each human, alongside each other, has this experience. It has been called the “human experience” or sometimes, simply, “life”. We all have this idea of what it is like for everyone. And yet, as we try to compare our own existence against each other, many find that it is difficult to do.

The World Within – Rohanna Irene digital work 2017

Perception, as it were, is not universal. It is funny how, as much as we all live together and create society communally, how much we all lack clarity. It is as though, as a species, we simply forget the basics of our own existence. Then, when we remember it again, we have to create a new explanation. As we do this, we end by describing that which we already knew to be true. As we begin to explore broader esoteric interests, we take a moment to check in on our own microcosm.

Take a Listen…

In this podcast, Rohanna (that’s me!) talks about consciousness, awareness, and conviction. Explore your own “aha!” moments and consider how your journey is reflexive of others. We are getting to a point that we need to solidify and stick together. . . Or do we?

Podcast to Blog on WordPress – A Sidenote

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Our little team is working hard here ot learn how to navigate the technology. It keeps giving us problems, but we aren’t giving up. As we go, we are learning and it is getting easier! That is for sure.

“Insert Gratitude Here”

The Universe ❤

We are currently seeking people to interview and and individuals from all paths to talk about their journey, how they have made magick work for them, and what they believe is in store for the future of the magically minded. Please email media@mageatm.com

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matm hermetic principles
hermetic principles, podcast

Ep 12: Hermetic Principle 6: Cause & Effect


In this podcast, we review the Kybalion text. Remember that for now, this is the main text of reference. Since the Kybalion was published in the early 1900s, it is not the definitive reference for all things Hermetic. However, this text is still viewed as a solid compilation of the principles for hermetic practices.

With that in mind, realize that understanding this text is only scratching the surface. As your practice develops, you will want to be sure to always refer back to the source information, be it the Corpus Hermetic or the Emerald Tablet and translations.

A Progression Through the Hermetic Principles

Digging deeper into the meaning of the hermetic principles, we can see how they connect with each other. As one progresses through each, moving from the first of Mentalism then towards the end, which is Gender, there is a change in relation. Respectively, the pressure placed upon the practitioner can be felt more strongly as each step is understood.

For this reason, the principle of cause and effect allows for broad strokes from the practitioner, which means additional work is necessary to perfect the concept. Don’t worry, no one expects this to happen overnight!

Causation and Correlation

One of the key points to take from this principle is understanding the difference between causation and correlation. More importantly, the ability to recognize the actual connection point. Did you know that most people miss this? It is a common issue for those in philosophy courses.

If you find that you are still the effect in a situation, even though you feel like you understand all of the principles herein, try checking back with this principle here. If you continue to struggle with it, there are exercises that can be done to detect the root of causation. We will get to these as we progress in the discussions of this kind of work.

For now, please have a listen. This is a great topic to get feedback and to discuss with other practitioners. Once you do, you are likely to have your own unique perspective on things. Sometimes the only way to mastery is comparing notes and seeing how others do things. This will help you build a more successful practice, whatever your goals may be!

After you listen, please drop your thoughts below or share them with us on social media!

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Magick, New

What is Magick?

It has been a solid 250,000 years, at least, since mankind has managed to harness and master fire. This whole process likely appeared to be magick of some kind at first. Consider, when you think that man had interaction for a much longer time before the late stone age period.

person standing and holding lamp inside cave
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Pexels.com

Lightning struck and would light huge amounts of land on fire. Man learned to evolve around and in spite of this danger, in many parts of the natural world. There were devastating diseases and all manner of natural disasters that have plagued the planet since life began. In the past, it seems as though there were more inherent ways to avoid these sometimes. Considering that if one is to listen to religious texts, God’s will through man’s hand was the cause was a pretty big involvement to some of the more astounding plagues and petulance.

The Mystery of Magic

There were many other events in this history of mankind, that at the time, could not be explained. From then, to the present era, humans continue to refer to them as magic. Some were good… and some were deadly to humans. Of course, they would have chosen a different phrase specifically. The word, “magic” actually is derived from the word the Greek word that was used to describe the ‘magosh’. The magosh are known as Persian priests. This was something they were well-versed in. However, for the longest time, it was a mystery to many.

Understanding Magick as a Practice

This was one of the contributions from Aleister Crowley. During his own exploratory phase to make magick more viable and to improve his own practice, he added the K. It was meant to distinguish types of magick.

Magic is like sleight of hand and stagecraft, typically based on imagery or mesmerism. Magick is a practice, including both mundane and ritualistic acts. With it, a person can change the world around them (or within them). This is done through acts of focusing will and matching it with intent. It is a formal art than the primal magic that was generated in the prehistoric era. However, it is still the same energy and force, that exists within us all.

Faith Continues to Deny Scientific Falsehoods

Today, magick still exists, even if we deny it. It makes sense that some would. In any case, because science has been fighting hard for the last century to shirk this seemingly irresponsible notion. Understandably, it would want to ignore that there could be some invisible force in the world. Certainly, it wants to keep it quiet that is helping people out. The skeptics are only responding to evolution… They are thinking rationally about the world around them, based on their perception and their cognition. These people are only being good little drones for machines and men who happen to be in charge of everything. Those things are all needed, so it doesn’t even make sense to argue with them.

Can Science Disprove Magick?

Scientists tend to do this too, they deny and then try to disprove. Again, this is their job and they are tough to deal with sometimes. Figuring out the empirical world is important. For, this is the plane that humans exist on the physical level. However, magick isn’t at home on this same plane. Some would say that the physical world has grown heavier, it weighs on human consciousness more. It affects cognition and perception. It is undoubtedly, the same way that magick was there when we needed protection from the world. Whether it was from the cold when luck was essential in survival, it was still there. Basically, when our lives depended on it, then magick took a more active role in existence.

The More The Merrier, But Leave Those That Don’t Want To Go Behind

the full moon is just one of the reasons for a night ritual.

As beliefs in supernatural interest and beliefs in magick or manifestation powers of all kinds are seemingly on the rise, there is hope that magick of some variety can help humanity from devastating losses or gigantic inconveniences across many aspects of their lives. Never forget, people are invariably fickle creatures with egos that need constant feeding.

There is no real way to disprove the statement that magick exists. However, humans have come a long way in the process of understanding their own selves. Undoubtedly, this is helpful to survive in a crisis. This is likely why humans still exhibit magical thinking. In spite of the developments of science, people continue to believe.

Removing the Mystery

The depth of self-awareness and understanding has bloomed because of psychiatry. That being said, it seemingly has taken the mystery out of self-awareness and control. Everyone can do it. Yet, no one can. The language has changed the dynamic and while the process has helped in some areas. Keep in mind that it has been created new problems in others.

The Evolution of Psychiatry and Magick

Specifically, much of what psychiatry sets out to describe or to label, people understood before. They simply called it something else. When it was a magickal practice, the knowledge was often secret. Psychiatry, starting with Freud and psychoanalysis, but the knowledge out in the open. Labels were tossed around and before long, new branches formed. Carl Jung, who also was known to be interested in the occult, made his own contributions. This caused a rift between him and his mentor, Freud.

The Contribution of Carl Jung

Jung’s contribution was a very different view of consciousness. It led to some great discoveries. However, as psychiatry became more popular, it also led to education and discussion. It was inevitable that the information would get out. Once out, it was easy to misunderstand, warp and misuse.

Now, everyone seemingly has deep depression or anxiety. School kids can warn others about how they are unable to adapt to simple directions because of their ADHD. Any man that has evolved to be able to disassociate. This is because this is a societal construct programmed in man for at least a 1000 years. It was useful to be able to disassociate at one time. Now, professionals and bitter ex-wives will say that it has turned him into a dangerous sociopath or narcissistic. Perhaps this is a bit dramatic, but when you compare the numbers, it seems true.

The Cognitive Brain and Human Bias

The brain is a natural at creating its own reality. This is one of the reasons that magick works. It is based on how people think, then what they think. Will, located within the mind, is a force behind the thought. It pushes the thoughts into creation. Many of these things that are manifested are internal. This means, they bring about internal changes. They can strengthen or weaken a person. The other changes can happen outside the body. These two things are referring to the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Image taken from Creative Commons

People have their own unique way of thinking. This is true for everyone. Everyone has tricks to keep their own brain in check. It is individual because no two people think alike. However, there are always similarities. Take, for example, the chart above. It shows typical biases that the brain has and reasons for them. The language of magick plays upon these similarities.

How People Leverage the Mind

It has always been understood that one must calm the mind to do great things with it. It is said that the more a person could control their microcosm, the more powerful of an effect they could have on the macrocosm as a whole. Additionally, consider that science has also proven a lot of the fundamentals of magickal practice. Granted, they don’t often mean to and do so often without intending to.

Disassociating is far more difficult for more tangible substances. One can’t simply close their eyes and then whatever in the room with them just disappears. However, for thought or memory or any other invisible energy that can interact with humans, it seems to be an inherent skill. In the case of magick, which appears to be energy. And keep in mind, this is an energy that is strictly on the astral or spiritual realm. So, it seems no surprise that it responds very well to will. It is almost like they are designed to work together

Mitigating Circumstances of the Mind

In the end, those that are familiar with the Hermetic Principles, understand the power of the mind. They know that the first principle explains in inner workings of magick. when it explains that the mind is all, All is the mind. What we think vibrates and then moves on into its own form. The thought will follow through as far on the flow of the principles as it can, until the energy behind the thought peters out. This is basically how many people banding together can mentally create change, whether done intentionally or unintentionally. Causing one to forget, to distance themselves from magick, or to get cut off from the source simply requires telling oneself that it isn’t real.

Who is Better Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter that the brain now is considered an actual science. Additionally, the body has been an important part of psychiatry as well as the mind. Moreover, thinking of the past of psychiatry, it seems that it has made a number of its own bad choices and treated humans far worse than magically minded individuals. It could be argued that the psychiatric industry abused people just the same as the Catholic church.

Because science is still only focusing on the physical. It is not looking at the interconnectedness between the psyche, between other people, and energy both within an individual. It has so far ignored the results that prove the power of the mind.

Magick is Alive

Pagans, witches, mages, and the like understand this power. They get that this energy is still as it always was, an innate power within us. Furthermore, it is almost as if it is an unwritten contract between the energy and the physical nature of humanity. Perhaps it is also one between humanity and the natural world? We can deny it, but that doesn’t make it true. It also won’t do any good in using this powerful tool to help humanity to keep moving forward.

Science Has Long Since Tried to Prove Magick Wrong

Zen – Long before modern men. **Pixabay image

Scientists can try to explain it. However, none of that is likely to wipe away either its existence or the subconscious understanding that humanity has with it. We have grown, evolved alongside this power. Sometimes, it appears as fantastical abilities, affecting the world at large, as the energy is cast out and directed by a certain individual. This requires an extraordinary amount of training, which it always has. Think of how long monks must train. When magickal training requires dedication and effort, just as anything else that takes skill and understanding.

The Link Between Psychology and Magick

More commonly, in modern man, the act of magick that happens internally mirrors the goal of psychology… at least at the base level. This is because the simplest and most intrinsic act of magick is balancing. It is leveraging the mind with the brain, thoughts with feelings, etc. Being able to reconcile the forces within the microcosm of the individual is first. Next is then being able to take these changes internally and dispel them. Once dispelled, they must be manifest the same in the macrocosm. It is the ability to quiet the mind or sometimes referred to as the empathy we feel.

Self-Service and Magick

Magick can be witnessed in the calming, serene balance of meditation or those moments of perfection achieved. I would argue that this power, whatever it is technically, will be explained, fully, by science… at some point. However, for the now, it is merely an interpreter, fantasy, or a dream of those who have faith and belief.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people spanning across the globe that still can interact and both manifest, then manipulate this energy to do what is commanded. Many of them are independent, but doing causes to help the world in a solo capacity. Maybe something can be done about that, to unite them and to make that magick stronger and more efficient. That is a discussion for a different time.

An Editorial From the Author

Corny quote: You may say that I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one!

As I was closing this post up, I chuckled to myself… but if this rant was a discussion for another time… when exactly would this time take place? Because, if time doesn’t exist, that could be whenever I figure out how to say this nicer or make it sound better. The right time could easily be too late. Seems like a dumb risk, when I am sitting at my computer already.

So, when it comes to uniting people to work together, this is definitely my goal. I am working hard on that exact concept. Establishing a community isn’t a small task. I have found that sometimes it only requires conversation.

Building a Community For Us All

More specifically, it isn’t about me, specifically. It is about all of us, collectively. While you’re reading this maybe you will be inspired. Maybe the next person will? It is my wish that it lights a spark in them. It is my hope that they to go join up with others, write a book, start their own thing, or anything of the sort.

Additionally, I do have a favor to ask from those of you reading, please feel free to think about it too. If you can, take a moment and close your eyes and see the opportunity arising, allowing for open communication. See the forces of many coming together, imagining them like they once were. See the hordes of mages across the world growing stronger with their power. Envision the natural energy within us all. This is about people being able to be autonomous. It is a good time to begin, especially just people, as citizens, and as the majority.

The government, with funding and personal interest, has a heck of a jump on most people. Until the masses figure out how to work together with their magick a bit better, until there is equality again across the species, there is a danger. Those that don’t use every resource to respond are likely to find their chances of being successful lacking.

Thank you, Rohanna


Hail and Welcome to a New Beginning!

The cycle of the year reflects the ever changing, yet constant, charge of vibration and rhythm that we experience within this empirically human existence. This year, Ostara has come again, and with it brings the eternal hope that light will overcome the darkness.

Whether you are an eclectic kitchen witch celebrating the old ways or a focused hermeticist… or really, anything in between, we should all agree that these milestones through the year are gentle, reliable reminders of the constant shifting that takes place in the world around us.

Our Place in the World

As humans, we have the unique ability (so far as we know) to process our experience on this earth with a conscious and focused fervor. We can effectively step out of the cycle by not participating. This, can be done with an intent to “shut this whole thing down” and disengaging, or by sheer distraction and forgetting how people are part of an overarching cycle. At some point in our lives, all of us do this. Because of that, it may be easy to recognize the dismal or discontented nature of that kind of existence.

Being outside of the cycle and ignoring the rhythm that takes place day in and day out on this planet often comes with a cost. It is almost as if the Divine spark within us slowly dies out as we unplugged from the vibrations that feed this everlasting dynamic.
For this reason, it is vitally important to incorporate the holiday traditions that help us to reconnect with our natural and divine source.

A Decided Path is a Reward in Itself

A simple recognition, a proverbial “namaste” moment, can easily rejuvenate the most lost of souls, so long as it is propelled with will and combined with love. This connection through recognition requires intent, and it is our sincere hope that all of you out there are able to take that moment for yourself, your community, and those that you cherish in your life.

The Magick Within the Cycle

The equinoxes are a strong vibrational time, where the veil thins, and manipulation through a combination of intention, will, and exerted energy is often easier. We refer to this entire action as the act of magick.

Never forget that you have a choice within the rhythm of the year. It is often easy, during the colder and dark months, to forget as we dwell deeper within ourselves. However, one of the greatest blessings of the vernal equinox, also known as Ostara for many that practice Western magickal, Wiccan, or esoteric traditions, is the constant reminder that no matter what happens in the darkness, that the light will prevail.

Our human existence is neither all of anyting or merely an achievement of a singular goal,  but a collection of the experiences that we gained along the way. Allowing ourselves to bask in the light, both in a spiritual and physical sense, can bring a sense of peace or a sense of purpose.

The question is, which direction will you extend yourself during this cycle of the year and what do you want to get out of it?

We Are In This Together

Here at Mage Against the Machine, we are actively taking our first step into a new direction of practice and study, consciously making the decision to seek out the wisdom and truth of the esoteric and occult knowledges. We aim not to go so deep to divide our purpose, but rather seek to find a communal strength within the extensive understanding of collective knowledges.   

For this year, we start a new venture and a completely new direction. It seems like a great time to do this, considering the natural energies that are working around us during the vernal equinox. It just so happens to coincide with the beginning of a new Aries season as well, which is an equally opportunistic time to begin new project and plan for the future!

What Would You Like to Achieve

Every year we are given a new opportunity, a proverbial lease on life to choose something different. They also have the choice to fortify that which we have already built. There is but a brief time when we can put forth this effort and during those few days during each half year it is in our best interest to make a plan so that we can follow through.

With this in mind we invite you to witness our journey or declare some plans of your own. We are all in this together and if you so choose please feel free to let us know what your plans are as the days are longer and what you plan to accomplish during this time of the year!

Feel free to leave feedback on our social media pages, or check out our podcast and leave a voice response there! You can find the latest episodes here on our website or at anchor.fm/mageatm.

hermetic principles

Ep 10: Hermetic Principle 4: Polarity


Anchor.fm/mageatm — The 4th principle of Polarity dictates that all things are dual, but more than this, it explains the ebbs and flow within life and magick. It explains the extremes within the mind, as well. This dynamic creates opposites that hold each within themselves. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mageatm/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mageatm/support