S2 Ep. 01 – Let’s Be Clear on this History of Magick & Get a Timeline and Facts Together


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Title: Intro to the Detailed Empirical History and Timeline of Magick 

Quick Notes: Last season we discussed what is magick and yet, there wasn’t enough to really describe all that is magick in form, function, and purpose here in present history. It is a lot of information just to note and categorize details, events, and other contributions to practices that the average mage might include in their own practices. With that, we have taken a considerable amount of time to research the verifiable facts of magick… from antiquity to the present. 

In this podcast, Rohanna discusses the major categories, contributors, and influences that have collectively brought magick to where it is today. As we kick off Season TWO we are ultimately attempting to create a sense of stability around the base of many modern practices. 

Major sections, such as Neo-Babylonian influences thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, to ancient Egypt, and then modern influences to present are being presented en masse with this recording. Please, take your time, and allow us together to begin to create a clear timeline of magick and witchcraft. 

**Transcriptions and scripts will auto-update to the blog. Additionally, see additional reference links above and below! 

Pre-Requisite Suggestion: If you missed the introduction to magick or witchcraft, please check those out before or in conjunction with dissecting this recording. 

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Magick is Just Here – There – Everywhere

It was a different time and I was, at the time, dead set on going to college and becoming an anthropologist. I was, even in hindsight, I would say… weirdly obsessed… with Richard and Mary Leaky. I was interested in making a contribution to the world in a big way.

Now, we have talked about, previously, that Wicca was a huge topic in the 90s. I personally am looking forward when we can dig deeper into that portion of our occult lore and history.

There are a few areas that fascinate me and I have been digging into the histories, and I can understand how the whole actual and factual history of magick has gotten lost.

Unlike other popular religions in  Western civilization, “paganism”, the term that many people used to define themselves with… it isn’t a religion technically. There is no denying now that civilization began, at least a civilization, began in Gobekli Tepe, and there were people around that understood at least some of the astronomy and math that before this was always attributed to later cities and people.

However, when we are looking at magick, as a whole of a practice and as an influence on modern western culture, we invariably only need to look at the facts as we have them. Interestingly, the first script indicating magickal practices aren’t linear through faiths or traditions. We aren’t even including Asian religions in to the mix yet, mainly due to their lack of direct influence, in a mage-like sense. We will definitely get to that topic later but for  now this break down is basically going to wait on the sidelines.

For now, let’s get familiar with the regions that influence Western culture.

Now, I know that we have talked a bit about specific parts of Antiquity. Last season we delved in quite a bit, kind of revving up for this season to get in and to dig deeper I suppose?

Now, you don’t have to stop here and go listen to the other podcasts first… The blog post that we did to discover What is Magick? It can be heard here but the rest of this timeline you should be good to go and listen to that at a later time.

However, I will likely be referencing a few names that we have kind of gone over.

For example, last season, we talked about the elements and other famously used correspondences that are often seen in magick, of all varieties. Even Wicca and new-age faith traditions tend to use the directions, colors and correspondences that date back to Ancient Greece.


In our timeline, we are making all the stops and obviously, we end up going as far back as Mesopotamia. Now, there are language refeerences in their cunieform tablets scribed by priests and mages. However, not all of them are dated. And, well, I think that Miriam Said said it best…. Miriam as of 2018 was part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Department of Eastern Art. I am going to put  link to the article in the references below, but she summed up what I was thinking already about the issue with creating a magickal timeline.  She said, “

Steeped in the philosophical traditions of Western dualism, we often view magic in a binary relation to religion, yet no such distinction existed in Mesopotamia. For people living in ancient Iraq and the imperial peripheries in Syria, Anatolia, and Iran during the first millennium B.C., magic was a part of everyday life.

From <https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/magic/hd_magic.htm>

Ancient Worshipper

Steeped in the philosophical traditions of Western dualism, we often view magic in a binary relation to religion, yet no such distinction existed in Mesopotamia. For people living in ancient Iraq and the imperial peripheries in Syria, Anatolia, and Iran during the first millennium B.C., magic was a part of everyday life.

From <https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/magic/hd_magic.htm>

With this in mind, it is the main reason we basically are going back this far. The first millennium still doesn’t seem to do the topic justice, because perhaps it is with the perception lens that I personally have… always gotta leave room out there for those personal biases. But, what we consider magick today… essentially using mental, inspirational, or for a lack of better terms, supernatural method, to get a result.

Throughout the Mesopotamian historical records, there are mentions, and more importanty, directions on how magick was conducted. So, basically, not only do we see the magickal aspects of the culture – such as through wearing amulets to ward off danger or superstitions… this is something more structured and widely understood to both be a real thing, with important priests that reported to the king, that elevated individuals to magi that could influence important decisions… there is a good deal of evidence that avtually directs how the magickal practices of some rituals were to be managed and handled.

This means, whrn you put into simple terms, since the early beginnings of what we know now to be the beginning of written text communication, that magick was writen about.


Greek / Rome – Classical antiquity.

This time frame goes for a long gap of time, but in it there is a lot of unique contributions to magick, sorcery and witchcraft.

Keep in mind that we will continue to add to this as we go !


American history of witchcraft has always been a funny thing. One site that I personally like to look at on my own time, while not scholarly technically, still interesting and helpful for the links they provide is ParanormalKnowledge.com  // https://www.paranormalknowledge.com/america/timeline-of-events-in-witchcraft-in-america.html

Like the timeline they have is what is pretty typical for general Wiccan history. There is this thousands of years ago… then to the present. Part of the reason I wanted to go through this timeline here is to point this out though and then to compare to the much longer history. 

I included a link to the timeline – it will be included in the show notes and the transcript on the website.

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