Choice, Conviction, and Consciousness.

What We Lack, We Learn Again

How aware of you are you?

Since times of antiquity, there has been a common understanding that we perceive the world through our minds. Each human, alongside each other, has this experience. It has been called the “human experience” or sometimes, simply, “life”. We all have this idea of what it is like for everyone. And yet, as we try to compare our own existence against each other, many find that it is difficult to do.

The World Within – Rohanna Irene digital work 2017

Perception, as it were, is not universal. It is funny how, as much as we all live together and create society communally, how much we all lack clarity. It is as though, as a species, we simply forget the basics of our own existence. Then, when we remember it again, we have to create a new explanation. As we do this, we end by describing that which we already knew to be true. As we begin to explore broader esoteric interests, we take a moment to check in on our own microcosm.

Take a Listen…

In this podcast, Rohanna (that’s me!) talks about consciousness, awareness, and conviction. Explore your own “aha!” moments and consider how your journey is reflexive of others. We are getting to a point that we need to solidify and stick together. . . Or do we?

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“Insert Gratitude Here”

The Universe ❤

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