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What is Magick?

It has been a solid 250,000 years, at least, since mankind has managed to harness and master fire. This whole process likely appeared to be magick of some kind at first. Consider, when you think that man had interaction for a much longer time before the late stone age period.

person standing and holding lamp inside cave
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Pexels.com

Lightning struck and would light huge amounts of land on fire. Man learned to evolve around and in spite of this danger, in many parts of the natural world. There were devastating diseases and all manner of natural disasters that have plagued the planet since life began. In the past, it seems as though there were more inherent ways to avoid these sometimes. Considering that if one is to listen to religious texts, God’s will through man’s hand was the cause was a pretty big involvement to some of the more astounding plagues and petulance.

The Mystery of Magic

There were many other events in this history of mankind, that at the time, could not be explained. From then, to the present era, humans continue to refer to them as magic. Some were good… and some were deadly to humans. Of course, they would have chosen a different phrase specifically. The word, “magic” actually is derived from the word the Greek word that was used to describe the ‘magosh’. The magosh are known as Persian priests. This was something they were well-versed in. However, for the longest time, it was a mystery to many.

Understanding Magick as a Practice

This was one of the contributions from Aleister Crowley. During his own exploratory phase to make magick more viable and to improve his own practice, he added the K. It was meant to distinguish types of magick.

Magic is like sleight of hand and stagecraft, typically based on imagery or mesmerism. Magick is a practice, including both mundane and ritualistic acts. With it, a person can change the world around them (or within them). This is done through acts of focusing will and matching it with intent. It is a formal art than the primal magic that was generated in the prehistoric era. However, it is still the same energy and force, that exists within us all.

Faith Continues to Deny Scientific Falsehoods

Today, magick still exists, even if we deny it. It makes sense that some would. In any case, because science has been fighting hard for the last century to shirk this seemingly irresponsible notion. Understandably, it would want to ignore that there could be some invisible force in the world. Certainly, it wants to keep it quiet that is helping people out. The skeptics are only responding to evolution… They are thinking rationally about the world around them, based on their perception and their cognition. These people are only being good little drones for machines and men who happen to be in charge of everything. Those things are all needed, so it doesn’t even make sense to argue with them.

Can Science Disprove Magick?

Scientists tend to do this too, they deny and then try to disprove. Again, this is their job and they are tough to deal with sometimes. Figuring out the empirical world is important. For, this is the plane that humans exist on the physical level. However, magick isn’t at home on this same plane. Some would say that the physical world has grown heavier, it weighs on human consciousness more. It affects cognition and perception. It is undoubtedly, the same way that magick was there when we needed protection from the world. Whether it was from the cold when luck was essential in survival, it was still there. Basically, when our lives depended on it, then magick took a more active role in existence.

The More The Merrier, But Leave Those That Don’t Want To Go Behind

the full moon is just one of the reasons for a night ritual.

As beliefs in supernatural interest and beliefs in magick or manifestation powers of all kinds are seemingly on the rise, there is hope that magick of some variety can help humanity from devastating losses or gigantic inconveniences across many aspects of their lives. Never forget, people are invariably fickle creatures with egos that need constant feeding.

There is no real way to disprove the statement that magick exists. However, humans have come a long way in the process of understanding their own selves. Undoubtedly, this is helpful to survive in a crisis. This is likely why humans still exhibit magical thinking. In spite of the developments of science, people continue to believe.

Removing the Mystery

The depth of self-awareness and understanding has bloomed because of psychiatry. That being said, it seemingly has taken the mystery out of self-awareness and control. Everyone can do it. Yet, no one can. The language has changed the dynamic and while the process has helped in some areas. Keep in mind that it has been created new problems in others.

The Evolution of Psychiatry and Magick

Specifically, much of what psychiatry sets out to describe or to label, people understood before. They simply called it something else. When it was a magickal practice, the knowledge was often secret. Psychiatry, starting with Freud and psychoanalysis, but the knowledge out in the open. Labels were tossed around and before long, new branches formed. Carl Jung, who also was known to be interested in the occult, made his own contributions. This caused a rift between him and his mentor, Freud.

The Contribution of Carl Jung

Jung’s contribution was a very different view of consciousness. It led to some great discoveries. However, as psychiatry became more popular, it also led to education and discussion. It was inevitable that the information would get out. Once out, it was easy to misunderstand, warp and misuse.

Now, everyone seemingly has deep depression or anxiety. School kids can warn others about how they are unable to adapt to simple directions because of their ADHD. Any man that has evolved to be able to disassociate. This is because this is a societal construct programmed in man for at least a 1000 years. It was useful to be able to disassociate at one time. Now, professionals and bitter ex-wives will say that it has turned him into a dangerous sociopath or narcissistic. Perhaps this is a bit dramatic, but when you compare the numbers, it seems true.

The Cognitive Brain and Human Bias

The brain is a natural at creating its own reality. This is one of the reasons that magick works. It is based on how people think, then what they think. Will, located within the mind, is a force behind the thought. It pushes the thoughts into creation. Many of these things that are manifested are internal. This means, they bring about internal changes. They can strengthen or weaken a person. The other changes can happen outside the body. These two things are referring to the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Image taken from Creative Commons

People have their own unique way of thinking. This is true for everyone. Everyone has tricks to keep their own brain in check. It is individual because no two people think alike. However, there are always similarities. Take, for example, the chart above. It shows typical biases that the brain has and reasons for them. The language of magick plays upon these similarities.

How People Leverage the Mind

It has always been understood that one must calm the mind to do great things with it. It is said that the more a person could control their microcosm, the more powerful of an effect they could have on the macrocosm as a whole. Additionally, consider that science has also proven a lot of the fundamentals of magickal practice. Granted, they don’t often mean to and do so often without intending to.

Disassociating is far more difficult for more tangible substances. One can’t simply close their eyes and then whatever in the room with them just disappears. However, for thought or memory or any other invisible energy that can interact with humans, it seems to be an inherent skill. In the case of magick, which appears to be energy. And keep in mind, this is an energy that is strictly on the astral or spiritual realm. So, it seems no surprise that it responds very well to will. It is almost like they are designed to work together

Mitigating Circumstances of the Mind

In the end, those that are familiar with the Hermetic Principles, understand the power of the mind. They know that the first principle explains in inner workings of magick. when it explains that the mind is all, All is the mind. What we think vibrates and then moves on into its own form. The thought will follow through as far on the flow of the principles as it can, until the energy behind the thought peters out. This is basically how many people banding together can mentally create change, whether done intentionally or unintentionally. Causing one to forget, to distance themselves from magick, or to get cut off from the source simply requires telling oneself that it isn’t real.

Who is Better Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter that the brain now is considered an actual science. Additionally, the body has been an important part of psychiatry as well as the mind. Moreover, thinking of the past of psychiatry, it seems that it has made a number of its own bad choices and treated humans far worse than magically minded individuals. It could be argued that the psychiatric industry abused people just the same as the Catholic church.

Because science is still only focusing on the physical. It is not looking at the interconnectedness between the psyche, between other people, and energy both within an individual. It has so far ignored the results that prove the power of the mind.

Magick is Alive

Pagans, witches, mages, and the like understand this power. They get that this energy is still as it always was, an innate power within us. Furthermore, it is almost as if it is an unwritten contract between the energy and the physical nature of humanity. Perhaps it is also one between humanity and the natural world? We can deny it, but that doesn’t make it true. It also won’t do any good in using this powerful tool to help humanity to keep moving forward.

Science Has Long Since Tried to Prove Magick Wrong

Zen – Long before modern men. **Pixabay image

Scientists can try to explain it. However, none of that is likely to wipe away either its existence or the subconscious understanding that humanity has with it. We have grown, evolved alongside this power. Sometimes, it appears as fantastical abilities, affecting the world at large, as the energy is cast out and directed by a certain individual. This requires an extraordinary amount of training, which it always has. Think of how long monks must train. When magickal training requires dedication and effort, just as anything else that takes skill and understanding.

The Link Between Psychology and Magick

More commonly, in modern man, the act of magick that happens internally mirrors the goal of psychology… at least at the base level. This is because the simplest and most intrinsic act of magick is balancing. It is leveraging the mind with the brain, thoughts with feelings, etc. Being able to reconcile the forces within the microcosm of the individual is first. Next is then being able to take these changes internally and dispel them. Once dispelled, they must be manifest the same in the macrocosm. It is the ability to quiet the mind or sometimes referred to as the empathy we feel.

Self-Service and Magick

Magick can be witnessed in the calming, serene balance of meditation or those moments of perfection achieved. I would argue that this power, whatever it is technically, will be explained, fully, by science… at some point. However, for the now, it is merely an interpreter, fantasy, or a dream of those who have faith and belief.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people spanning across the globe that still can interact and both manifest, then manipulate this energy to do what is commanded. Many of them are independent, but doing causes to help the world in a solo capacity. Maybe something can be done about that, to unite them and to make that magick stronger and more efficient. That is a discussion for a different time.

An Editorial From the Author

Corny quote: You may say that I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one!

As I was closing this post up, I chuckled to myself… but if this rant was a discussion for another time… when exactly would this time take place? Because, if time doesn’t exist, that could be whenever I figure out how to say this nicer or make it sound better. The right time could easily be too late. Seems like a dumb risk, when I am sitting at my computer already.

So, when it comes to uniting people to work together, this is definitely my goal. I am working hard on that exact concept. Establishing a community isn’t a small task. I have found that sometimes it only requires conversation.

Building a Community For Us All

More specifically, it isn’t about me, specifically. It is about all of us, collectively. While you’re reading this maybe you will be inspired. Maybe the next person will? It is my wish that it lights a spark in them. It is my hope that they to go join up with others, write a book, start their own thing, or anything of the sort.

Additionally, I do have a favor to ask from those of you reading, please feel free to think about it too. If you can, take a moment and close your eyes and see the opportunity arising, allowing for open communication. See the forces of many coming together, imagining them like they once were. See the hordes of mages across the world growing stronger with their power. Envision the natural energy within us all. This is about people being able to be autonomous. It is a good time to begin, especially just people, as citizens, and as the majority.

The government, with funding and personal interest, has a heck of a jump on most people. Until the masses figure out how to work together with their magick a bit better, until there is equality again across the species, there is a danger. Those that don’t use every resource to respond are likely to find their chances of being successful lacking.

Thank you, Rohanna

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